Are there Angelic pacts?


If demonic pacts can be made could one also make a pact with angels?


I do not see why you couldn’t make a pact with an angel.


I think it would be great to heal loved ones while being in a pact with raphael, or even being possessed by him for a short while! All healings would be supercharged. I would love to hear if anyone has made pacts with angels or done forced possession with them.


Yes, Angelic pacts are possible. At least that’s what the angels Ive talked to have said.


I’ve actually been thinking about this - man, everybody’s reading my mind today. I was considering calling on Metatron or the 4 archangels and asking them to reveal a CoP for angelic use.
Who knows, maybe all you have to do is take the CoP and throw Michael, Rapael, Uriel, and Gabriel in the cardinal directions and voila! :slight_smile:


I was thinking that it should be possible, but I am still new to this. So I thought I would run it by you guys


Y’know, Guys, I’ve done alot of work with angels - much more so than with demons (still fairly new at this). They always come when I call, the task always gets done, so I’ve never even thought about a pact.

Still, I find the idea wholly intriguing. I’m gonna give this some thought; maybe I’ve been asking too little of these wonderful assistants! :wink: Z


Next thing you know people will be opening a gateway to salvation… I have only evoked three angels



One of the most difficult things was for me to get rid of ALL preconceived notions about demons … they are not as I thought they were…

Mayhap you would come to value the angels more if you understood them as they actually are, and not as you’ve been taught…

And the only ‘gateway’ to salvation is the individual; we are all responsible for saving ourselves from the gross misinformation about Who we really are & how we ought really be Living - as sovereign Creators of our own experiences of physical life.

The only salvation angel OR demon can offer is corrected information and practical assistance. :wink: Z



Great idea. :slight_smile:


Agreed, though it makes me wonder if a literal gateway to salvation would invoke the forces that would bring that knowledge and opportunities for experience you speak of.


Good question…

I have another quesiton (s). Would you use the same CoP design used with demons? If so, is there a specific Grand Invocation?



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