Are the spirits not upset at being slandered by Jehovah in the bible? Are any of you?

Been working with spirits like King Belial, Prince Moloch, King Baal, etc lately. The more they reveal themselves to me and we communicate, the more I see that they aren’t these horrendous disgusting monsters the bible and certain religious texts make them out to be. What’s the deal with the bible slandering these dope spirits?? Are they not upset having their names dragged through the mud? Those lies told in religious texts kept humanity from pursuing magick/ascent and harnessing our true power for a long time? Aren’t any of you upset about this either?

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Sorry, I guess. I’m a beginner and am not on this site a lot.

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I realize that it is a method used by multiple religions to have the followers identify who they (as in the people as a group) by defining what they are not (people who worship other gods, or behaviors/adjectives that later became known as entities). The demonizing of older deities for the sake of “confirming” theirs as legitimate has been going on since at least Babylonians and likely far longer.


No worries. There have been a lot of lengthy discussions about it that have already been typed up. Saves you the wait.


They don’t give a shit. Neither do I but I gotta admit, some religious people sometimes get on my nerves.


The spirits really don’t care, plus you have any idea how much Yahweh gets slandered on here? I’m surprised no one got electrocuted by him yet…oh wait, he doesn’t care either


If they don’t care about being force merged and slandered by occultists I doubt they will by the Bible which does less slandering specifically.


As a teenager I once burned an idol of a very powerful deity. Today this is one deity I invoke prior to any ritual. I asked him why he didn’t punish me and he said there is no need.

My cousin broke another deities idol and even though he was a child, said deity isn’t fond of him at all. So no hatred but no love either.

I think each spirit has their own opinion on this. Some may be pissed but others are likely Nuetral or don’t care.


I don’t think breaking an idol is that big a deal, unless it was done intentionally, even then spirits tend to understand, as we grow and change in thought and beliefs