Are the Necronomicon beings Shadowpeople?

Just started reading “The Nyarlathotep book” by Demon Barzai and it begins with the warning once called they cannot be banished. This is the same warning that goes for the shadowpeople in the Shadownomicon. Even the sigils are reminiscent of each other.
I read somewhere that one form of Nyarlathotep is descibed as a tall pillar of black smoke - just the way I saw Zahgurim.
Thus my thought that they might be at least related.

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Yes, but. Unless you’re actively working with them, they have no reason to hang around - providing you aren’t feeding them. If they aren’t being fed, they’re not going to stick around for fun.

Once you’ve attracted their attention, they may pop in from time-to-time, but once they aren’t being fed into, they don’t have a reason to really stay.

I can’t speak for the Barzai book, but the point of explaining the Shadow People stuff was to show that the words don’t necessarily convey the entire message.


Would you recommend the Barzai book?

Dunno yet, to early to tell really. Looked through Necronomicon gnosis by Asenath Mason for comparison, another new order I have yet to read, and it too was packed with the same Shadownomicon like sigills. (I guess the writers are both from the Polish lodge Magan of Dragon Rouge) This makes me hesitant, since these beings cannot be banished. But not even by God though? I openly walk both paths and often bless me /and/or my home in the name of God and it feels good. Big G has stopped the fiercest of attacks I have met. Will probably see soon as I am forced to go back to Necronomicon spirit Zahgurim (think he worked better than the Talisman of all the infernal hosts).

I’ve ordered a ton of books lately and it seems that the Void is calling me through several paths - Nyarlathotep, Abaddon/Hades, the Dragon. Will be interesting to see where this leads me eventually.

Reading the Shadownomicon I actually made a point of avoiding looking at the sigils. Wanted the knowledge, not the contact. These other two books are packed with sigills, but too interesting to disregard. Both seems well written and packed with new information from a glance.
Hope you got something useful out of my rambling :slightly_smiling_face: