Are Succubi Just female demons or a specific type

It seems like when people In general discuss demons, it’s like female demons don’t exist outside of being succubi. Male demons are seen taking up a variety of shapes and roles, but female demons just seduce.

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succubus are a species of demon, not all female demons are succubi.

It’s more that when people think of female demons their thirstiness comes in and shows they have not tried to experience any other female demons beyond the common ones that are centered around sexual energy.

Succubi have the ability to shapeshift into incubi and vice versa as well.

It’s really just the lack of experience most have with female demons beyond succubi.


Very true, people are full of that. But less do they know that Demons aren’t the only beings with succubi. There are other beings that are succubi and not demon but they all come under that title Demon.

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So I’m curious. What sorts of species are there?

There’s many species of demon from succubus/incubus, to draconic demons, Gallu demons, Uridimmu demons, among others but not all of them are of the infernal, even succubus and incubus while have origins in the Infernal many have went off on their own.

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Tey are a few such baal wifes. Not sucubis or demon but sons and daughters. Or family ties. And the heilehim… Which are like far dijjin cousings. But in demonology soirts.

Lots of guys had relationships with succubi but lots of them after time revealed that they were males. So who knows :slightly_smiling_face: spirits maybe can shapeshift their gender?

Succubus can become incubus and vice versa, however, shapeshifting is a learnable ability for projectors and entities, but I don’t think it’s a widely chosen thing as most evocations are based on the person’s perception of an entity.

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Sex and all that’s fine but the more scholarly and militaristic/survivalist “female” demons are around. The tricker/mischievious ones are hilarious. I put quotes as imho they are more or less gender-fluid/androgynous in base energy form if that. I theorize they don’t even take up spatial reality or temporeal.

I could be wrong but I believe the core identy roles they have for various individuals, areas of the omniverse, etc etc is more or less what a collective consciousness agrees upon in a certain series of instances.

We are talking about eternity and infinity and roles can change. But for our sake at this existence I guess i could agree they are SET… for now.

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