Are strange dreams normal

Ever since I’ve been working with demons I’ve been having strange good and strange weird dreams for sometime now like last night I was being chased by a huge bird Dragon cat thing then it stopped to drink water looked at me n started chasing me again then some guy locked me n. A dog change n tried to kill my puppies n their mom then all of a sudden I’m in Wal-Mart…I did have flash dreams of sitri Idk what happen with that but it was like when I had first talked to master Furfur I had flash dreams sbout him to like their face and their sigil flashes back and forth and they speak to me Idk what was said tho I also had a dream I had got a group together and got that dear head n went to a place drew out his sigil n put the skull in the middle of it and chanted his enn and offered a prayer to him as me and some one else did a dance for him it was something I’ve never experienced before in a dream but the major thing about that is the small stuff I notice like his color candles they were holding and his sigil on the forehead of the dear skull it was insane like for a dream so yeah I like my crazy dreams but I just need to know if this is them trying to call out to me


I’ve only dealt with one demon since I’m a beginner. My dreams have always been very vivid and from time to time would have dreams I’d remember for a long time and prophetic dreams. Since dealing with the one demon though, I’ve had dreams like you’re talking about Bunny. Not exactly like yours of course, but the vivid dreams happen every night sometimes multiple dreams like that. Most of them have been very pleasant, mystical learning dream sojourns, last night they were disturbing. Usually disturbing dreams happen when someone close to me is in danger or will be and I have to be alert. When I got up I had a call about someone close being in danger of going back into a bad home.
What you’re going through with the dreams is normal I think. What were your dreams like BEFORE you started working with demons? You had to have something spiritual/gifts going on.

During my times in ATR (Santeria) I had these things happen with dreams too, but never ever to this extent. It’s blowing my mind that this is so much stronger and much more intense than what I’ve been through before in Ocha. This is totally different though.

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It’s hard to say because our minds are fully capable of creating such dreams all by itself. Every time we encounter something new, or undergo a process of change (such as magick) our minds adapt to the increased stimuli by categorizing it through dreams. That is why, after a period of intense studying, someone will dream of the subject matter, or even of the upcoming exam.

If you have recently dived into the wild and wacky world of demons, the dreams could simply be your mind adapting to it, rather than a demon trying to contact you. The only way to know for certain one way or the other would be to obtain lucidity and ask within the dream itself.


They were normal I mean some times I can have a dream n month or years down the line I’d get da Ja vu but just normal really not vivid or wild n some I can’t even remember

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I don’t know how to do that yet n flash dreams are completely new to me this whole thing is new to me how do you become lucid I’ve relax other have lucid dreams but Idk how it’s done

I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Some dreams have significance but a lot of them don’t, and it is very difficult to know which is which, so I personally don’t put much stock into dream interpretation because it is so individual to be almost useless.

Learning to become lucid in dreams takes time and effort so right now, as far as your current dreams are concerned, you really have two options. You can choose to believe that the dreams are spirits trying to contact you, and follow up with introspection, meditation and evocation to find out, or you can choose to simply enjoy the nifty dreams.

It’s up to you.

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I see well Idk bout the other dreams I want to know about the flash dreams it is the second time it happen n maybe it’s cause I did add more sigils into my possession yesterday but I only had a flash dream about sitri the first one was master Furfur n camio brings his birds to me personal Idk if I’m reading too much into this then I understand