Are spirits uncomfortable with being evoked?

Are spirits uncomfortable with being evoked on the physical earth?

No, they’re not.


I’ve never heard any complaints from the spirits personally. S. Connolly, who learns more to the religious Demonaltry side, has written in her work that she believes evocation is rude as it “forces” them to appear. I disagree as I have had evocations where the spirit did not show up, which suggests free will.

At the end of the day, I like to approach it this way: if you ask a friend to come over to your house all the time because you cannot go over there, it is likely not going to be a problem if they understand your situation. They may not always be able to show up but they will likely not hold anything against you. However, if you can travel there (in this case, project yourself to the astral, which would be the half way point, or ethereal plane, their home based on my understanding), it would be wise to take turns on who travels where. It is just polite.


No because if they didn’t want to come they would simply not come. Evocation is like a phone call, they can accept it or deny it.


It may help to know that there are different circumstances when using the term evocation. When used around here, it typically means we call out to them and they determine if/when/how they will come. It’s thought of as more of a partnership.

When used in demonolatry, it’s typically thought of as forcefully compelling them to come, against their will, and using some sort of threat or perceived threat to get their “cooperation”.

Same word, very different scenarios.


Very good point. Context is important