Are spirits and entities already within us?

I have a question or a hunch or guess ??

Are all these spirits and entities already inside of us (even at different times, some more than others) and therefore already part of everybody’s natural makeup?

What I am thinking is that our emotions change throughout each day and I wonder if these mood changes are an indication of the spirit of (name your favourite) passing through us or ‘them’ letting us become aware of them.

Is it possible that they are always freewheeling around us and floating through us and when we feel an emotion or experience something, is it because these spirits are always pushing the buttons regardless of any persons awareness of magick or not?

I think so but according to how much a person has let the spirit world in them (or, you could say, how much they’re living “out of body”).

I would’ve said no years ago when I was living through my physical body.

I consider my 24/7 Kundalini activity to be the entire spirit world living within me.


I think it’s the same for everyone. We don’t yet know what ‘the mind’ is really made of or where it is.

So when we look into ourselves for answers and directions or even just thinking of what to do at any time, is it something from the spirit world giving us those answers?

And is the art of evocation and spell making etc. to make contact with the spirit world, is that actually to dig in deeper and deeper into ourselves to get the clearer answers and direction and changes? (changes happening via the matrix and the superconscious). As opposed to reaching outwards to get their attention, they possibly are actually us, each and every one of them.

When someone says ‘I evoked - name’, is it actually that they were able to reach that part of themselves that most people don’t or wouldn’t be able to or dare to?

We all have a mad, bad and a glad side to us and it’s sometimes hard to put any of those back in the box before we end up doing something stupid that might embarrass ourselves. When that happens, have we been taken over by the spirit of …?

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Perhaps a Spirit is contacted via the evocator’s corresponding part: microcosm-macrocosm. Indeed, intuition may sometimes originate from the entities; something that get refined by following the (for example) magical path.

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No. However, our psyche is influenced by outside agents and intuition to what may be around us, physically and otherwise.