Are sleep paralysis “episodes” really hallucinations or are they real? Here’s what happened to me

I was thinking of posting this so long ago but i thought maybe it could’ve just been nothing, and like most psychologists think- a hallucination. I hade recently explained this to someone, so I decided to copy and paste it to get others insights.

What I’m about to tell you happened last year in April.
Well, I remember i had sleep paralysis once when I was watching a movie with my dad in my living room, and when I hit it (unaware I was in paralysis) I still had my eyes close and hadn’t moved, laying down and listening to the T.V. Actress Natalie Portman (I forgot what her character was in this movie that I also don’t remember the name of) started saying some sexual things, something about how good it felt when she had sex with people and describing what was going on yada yada. Then I heard her saying something about having sex with her ‘brother’ (she had no brother in the movie) and I remember thinking, “OKAY. Wtf is going on?!”

So I tried to turn my head towards the tv and that’s when I came to realization I was in sleep paralysis. I thought to myself “oh jeez not this again.” Then I had felt something on my- er… vag. I remember not knowing what the hell was going on but it didn’t feel… bad… LOL. So I was like hmm okay let’s roll with it so I just stopped fighting it and NOT EVEN A SECOND LATER- it turned unbearable. It didn’t hurt. But- imagine someone tickling your ticklish spot while you’re tied up and can’t stop it. Torture, right? Sides of your stomach, maybe? Well, imagine that feeling, but down there.

It was terrible. I don’t know how long it lasted but it felt like forever. Maybe two/three mins. I woke up and I asked my dad, “Hey, I was half asleep but did Natalie say anything sexual like is there any sexual scenes in this movie? Was she saying (yada yada)?” Then explained to him that i was just hearing things.

Anyways, that night or the night prior, I put my golden necklace that had Jesus, The Virgin Mary, and a heart symbol that was my grandmas who was a hardcore Catholic- on top of an outlet extension that I’d always hang it on before I went to bed- and immediately it had exploded from electrocution. It slightly shocked me but i was fine. It was torn apart. (This happened before I found this website btw) this could’ve just been an accident. But the fact that all of this happened before or in between this incident and the next one I’m about to tell you about, makes it seem otherwise.

A night or two later I had sleep paralysis twice. Both approximately 10 mins apart. I was on the phone with whom now is my ex, and fell asleep on him. He doesn’t usually hang up. I woke up to a similar voice speaking, I don’t remember what the voice was saying, I thought it was him so I attempted to turn to grab my phone only to realize I’m in sleep paralysis. I started to get so scared that I can hear my heart beating like drums.

(I usually have a lot of sleep paralysis. Not as of recently though. It used to be twice a week. More or less. Especially last year. However everytime I had sleep paralysis I would never see or hear anything and it usually lasted a min or two. So as you can imagine I was terrified during this one.)

I would like to note; the first time I had sleep paralysis I was 16 (I’m 19 now) and I was Skyping with my ex, and the same thing that I’m about to tell you, happened. But I wasn’t scared mostly because I was confused, trying to process what I heard, and I never knew how it felt to be paralyzed. I thought I was just so tired and thought I wasn’t trying hard to move. After that, it hadn’t happened again, till that (this) day.

Anyways moving on. I heard my own heart beating and I felt it beat so strongly. I heard that manly voice just talk for a couple seconds till multiple other whispering voices accompanied it. That went on for another couple seconds till they all got louder and louder little by little till they eventually started screaming and yelling into my ear. I was so terrified i didn’t know what to do till I composed myself and breathed slowly- started moving my tongue, toes and fingers. Told myself that I’m fine. That went one for a min or two longer. I broke out of it and quickly checked my phone to see if my ex was still in a call and had tried to talk to me. I couldn’t process so quickly what had just happened that I thought maybe it was him talking.

Right after that, I took time to process and realize what just happened. laid back on my back and said “well that was fucking scary.” I fell back asleep. NOT EVEN 15 MINS LATER IM IN PARALYSIS AGAIN. I remember, again, not knowing I’m in paralysis- waking up to a sound of a loud screech not too far away, outside my window. I can’t describe exactly what i heard. Best I could is something sounding similar to sharp iron nails scraping against a metal wall- cutting it, mixed with a car drifting quickly to make a U-turn as well as a baby screaming at the top of their lungs.

Trying to make sense of that noise I have been hearing in the past 7 seconds I had thought it was just someone trying to avoid a car crash so they made a crazy turn. I opened my eyes and looked at my window. Everything’s fine. Not soon after I hear that screech get closer and closer till it entered my room. It was so loud, and I heard it evenly on both ears, like expensive surround sound headphones that it’s volume is turned all the way up. I look down at the end of my bed and I see; One hand- appear out of nowhere, grab the wooden end, then another other hand did the same thing. There fingers were long, black, sort of pointy but flimsy. It pulled itself up and crouched, spider man posing. When I tell this story I describe him looking a bit like venom. Not exactly, but I don’t know how else to describe him. I say him because it had a masculine presence and look. He was shorter though. 5ft maybe. Stocky. Skin almost like Venom’s too, not really though. Just… melty, thick, sticky, drooping tar. After staring at me it jumped to my wall and crawled over, them jumped on my bed right in between my legs. Then I’m sure you can imagine what it did, with that long ugly tongue of his.

IT WAS THE SAME FEELING THAT I FELT DOWN THERE WHEN I HAD THAT PARALYSIS IN THE LIVING ROOM. Jeez. However it didn’t feel as strong. Horrible non the less. I tried composing myself like I’d done in the paralysis ep I had 10 mins before that, but I couldn’t calm down. I don’t know how long that lasted or if I had done anything to get out of that, but eventually I did. I woke up and got up immediately and called my ex and cried for minutes. Then I called my mother and she came from another city in the morning and “blessed” my room (she’s also a catholic). I havent seen that thing again.

I did however, have multiple more sleep paralysis and in two of them; the first one I heard a women screaming in my living room. I was scared she was going to come into my room but she didn’t.
The second one I heard a couple of deep voices lightly humming. I woke up on my back horizontally across the bed with my arms spread out, like a cross- and my leg- knee to feet hanging at the edge of the bed. Before I woke up like that- I fell asleep rapped in a blanket vertically in a fetal position… That’s it.

Another last thing I’d like to add, before I’d always wake up to someone screaming. As soon as I open my eyes, which is almost immediately as I hear it, it’s gone. I’ll ask whoever I was sleeping next to if there was screaming (theyre awake) and they always say ‘no’ every time it happens.


You’re losing it. Of course it’s not real.
Cleanse your space with LBRP:

Theyre real.

I had a spirit attachment, was gettinf sleep paralysis where i could see her.

Even while awake we could sense her and shed throw shit straight off of tables, so unless a hallucination can manifest telekinesis, theyre real.

It’s not real? That’s good to hear I guess. Others think it might be. Anyways, This was before I found this site. I was just a Jesus-Virgin Mary prayer girl. But thank you for the recommendation I’ll look into it :slight_smile:

Nothing is real. BUUUT, it can still hurt you, seeing as how your sleep is now being disturbed.

You might really need to clean your space or those parasites will continue to have their way.

Thankfully I haven’t had any as of late. What do you mean nothing is real? Are they hallucinations or parasites?..

Nah, they’re very real. Just not always. This sounds like parasitic activity for sure.

They feed off of fear, distress, just about any negative emotional state. Some of them also hang around if you’re doing the deed before bedtime a lot. Sex and negativity are like flare guns.

Why do you think it stopped?

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Man you’re wish washy :sweat_smile::joy:lol.

I just got a reading from someone. He told me I have a very strong root chakra and that parasites latch on to the sexual energy I give off. So yes I have to do a cleansing on that. He also said it might’ve been an incubus.

I think it might’ve stopped because my mom well, er, blessed the room and left Jesus stuff on my nightstand and I read the psalms. My aunt performed a cleansing on me too. Also I sorta figured out a small, sometimes effective technique to stop myself from going into sleep paralysis.


It’s complicated. Stop judging me.

That’s hot.


Very real!

Erm… it shouldn’t be. I was raped and I was terrified. I woke up crying. No one should ever go through this cmon…

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It’s definitely real and I’m sorry you are going through this. I used to when I was much younger, I would try to recite the angelus prayer which I know by heart in my native language and latin but in that moment I just wouldn’t remember a single word. I would ended up screaming ‘amen’ in my head and I found out that it helped. It was years later I found out what the etymological meaning is of the word amen ‘so it be’. I was exerting my own will. You are very powerful, so much more so than them, they’re bottomfeeders. A few tips I can give from my own experience, you never go to sleep in an “unclean” state for example when you have had sex or mastrubated. Rub a little basil on your forehead before sleeping or put a basil plant on your nightstand. It will be okay.


Mine was real. Shadow man

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You’re not hallucinating. A vision or trance state is quite normal when your hearing telepathic communication from beyond. What ever this was in response too is a spirit responding or communicating to your mind.

BTW are you new to magic and rituals?


Thank you for the tips!

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I haven’t done any recently. Just been reading. I’ve done a few the past couple years but no obvious manifestations. I’ve been informed that I have “parasites” ‘stealing’ my energy when I do rituals. So that could be a reason why.

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Get BEn Woodcrofts Magickal Protection and perform the Curse Freezing spell. Was VERY EFRCTIVE FOR ME! He also has a lot of banishings and such in the book. Also, just in case it’s your mind that’s playing tricks on you, you can work with Elemel for a synaptic readjustment.