Are Sex Dreams Astral Sex?

I am not sure if these are connected or not. My intuition tells me they.

What are your thoughts?

To me sex in the dream is caused by your thoughts either conscious or unconscious thoughts. But when they become too often then it’s probably a spirit that is messing with you. Probably a spirit spouse or any other sex spirit.

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they count when you feel that they count. i really have no better explanation


Go with your intuition

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They can be. Especially if in a lucid dreams state.

I’m trying to recall what Asenath stated in the book I got. Something about our consciousness in the dreamworld entering a type of astral but we’re usually not in control and sort of on auto-pilot. When we learn to control our dreams and better yet do OBE and astral projection more and more via practice our experiences become more intense. So I’d say a slight yes.


In a way yes and in a way no, the dreamscape can be thought of as existing within the astral which is the mental plane. The way I see it the astral is the mental or collective unconscious and your dreamscape is your personal mental plane tied to the astral, theyre different yet the same, different in the sense you’re the ultimate God of your own mentalscape and no one can change that, but in the astral there’s many connected dreamscapes of all that are capable of dreaming, and going there.