Are Satan and Lucifer The Same Beings?

I see different opinions on it, why can’t there be one definite answer everyone can agree on. So are Satan and Lucifer the same beings?

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Sorry I’m new to this forum thanks.

Most people agree they’re discrete (separate) identities.

However, some would argue they represent the same mystery in a micro and macro cosmic sense (infinity) and equal the same thing. (Sort of like Horus and Set in Egypt).

Some would also say their summation together, with Samuel, is a an entity itself (the Devil).

But most people believe they are separate entities, at the least.


okay, it’s just hard to tell because of this nonsense christians and religious people believe in.

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Satan is a title and often seen as being held by a entity under Lucifer. There’s also the fact many other beings were given that title also. However, in my opinion/experience Satan is a position that not one single being holds just as the infernal Goetia have kings, queens, dukes, and duchess, and it’s unlikely that things don’t continue to move for them so it’s quite likely the title satan is often changed per being.


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Based on (most of) magickians experience, Satan and Lucifer are both separate Entities (in lot of cases it got confirmed by Themselves - also have personal mates with these experiences - and you can be able to sense a huge difference between Their personality and energies), however the word ‘Satan’ is also getting used as a title or verb, and with following this track you can find other Deities (Kings, Dukes, Princes etc.) like Azazel, Abaddon etc., called as ‘Satan’ as well.

There are a difference between Lucifer’s and Satan’s sigil (in order you see):

Whatever is the truth behind, I wouldn’t put my focus on this question (there are a lot of Deity with countless masks/aspects), but only Their actions, showed behave, personality and our goals.



Your question has been answered in the BALG FAQ.

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