Are physical Sensations from succubus considered to be Poltergeist activity or a form of evocation?

As quite a few people on here no, I have a lovely succubus who has become almost a life partner at this point, however, there are things about her that neither one of us really know.

Whatever, such as the massage she gave me not too long ago, or whenever she is pleasuring me, we’ve been wondering if that counts as evocation, or simply focused Poltergeist activity.

Honestly, it’s a lot of fun to think about, and the joke is that She Is possessing my personal physical space.

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Depends. I don’t think it counts as poltergeist activity since such phenomenon usually have negative connotations due to the nature of the disturbances. And you don’t sound too distraught. So, the simplest way to define what you’re experiencing could be as an evocation by default. Are you summoning the succubus? If so, then yes it’s an evocation.

However, if you’re bond is such where you get pop up visits, or you aren’t engaging in any rituals to make contact, then it’s not really an evocation anymore.