Are my expectations too high?

I bought the “Mastering Divination course” because I thought I should work on my psychic sense before going for the head of the beast “mastering evocation.” I am working on my theta-gamma state/trance, and that appears to be the root of my problem.

Anyway, the things EA describes in his videos, the automatic writing, the ouija board, his movements seemed way too fine for it to be a spirit. The spells he described with Enkei; well, I was expecting ghostly apparitions to be appear, like the ones people capture on camera. Well, that’s how fantastic EA described evocation, anyway. Summoning spirits into physical form.

So how do I get clairvoyance and clairaudience?

I’m sorry. I just need help. I thought ghostly apparitions would appear. I’m not talking about pranksters, but people who have nothing to gain and capture apparitions.

I have made a paper ouija board. I tried contacting a spirit. All that happened was my hand went cold and my paper planchette slid to the letter Q.

Do you by chance have a pendulum or tarot deck you could use for divination instead of a ouija board?

By scrying, a lot. And opening sigils and asking questions. Write everything you experience down in a journal.

I always have money set aside to get necessary tools. Why do you recommend a tarot deck?

And I thought evocation- “summoning into physical appearance” meant summoning apparitions… That isn’t the case. But it is my end goal… to see an apparition…