Are my astral senses opening up?

Hello everybody!

First of all, I hope everybody is doing well during this quarantine and is safe.

So I’m writing this because this last month I have some weird, vivid dreams as well as two strange experiences. Let me explain.
This last month, almost all the dreams I had were related to demons or entities or evocation.
For example, I had a dream where I was in my old house and there was a man who was drawing a sigil on the floor, the sigil looked like a four-leaved clover except it was very sharp toward the center and in one of the leaf, an attractive young woman was drawn, and if I remember correctly, she had dark, wavy hair and I had the feeling it was supposed to be Lilith.
Then in a recent dream I had two or three days ago, I dreamt that I was arriving to a mall and close to where I was, there was a sort of road leading to a closed door and just as I was passing by, there was a growling and a voice announcing that the Beast was waking up or had awakened already.
And the last dream I had was about a cat locked in a cage and another cat in a room that wasn’t supposed to get out (another animal was keeping him from getting out) and in that dream I found a little notebook with something to decode with The Codex (that’s how it was described in the dream) and a sentence in latin about how death doesn’t look us in the eye.

That was for the dreams, now for the strange experiences. Both happened while I was not fully awake but not complete asleep either, I was in between, if you will. So the first experience is that I felt something push me, like a hand in the exact middle of your back pushing you. And it was weird because I’m currently living with two family members, one of them was asleep and the other in the living room, so it couldn’t have been them.
And the second experience happened this morning, I was in between consciousness and sleep, and someone talked to me, and I had the feeling it was a demon, but he didn’t have any bad intentions, he just talked to me. I don’t remember exactly what he said but I think it was something like « I am here » or « You called me and I am here now », he also put his hand on the back of my head and pushed it gently two or three times, he did the same with my back and I remember having the feeling like something was entering through my back, and it was like dark smoke but a little bit more solid.

I will add that I wasn’t afraid at all, not in my dreams and not during those experiences. I was relaxed and curious and I was almost welcoming the demon talking to me, I was trusting him. I will also add that my great-great-grandfather was a medium and other members of my family are also medium or at least can sense or see things that no one else can.

To conclude this long post, I noticed that ever since I started practicing magick, evocation… the number of dreams I have of entities or demons has increased but the dreams also evolved from me being scared of the entities and stopping them from entering the place where I live, to me being relaxed and more curious, and from entities being scary to entities being friendly and welcoming.

And I posted that because for the past month, I had dreams like that almost every night and dreams that seem to be linked to each other with entities waking up.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading it and at least, if it means nothing, it will have had the merit to entertain you during these trying times.

PS : Sorry for the mistakes, english is not my first language

I have something similar going on and yeah i am guessing that you are becoming more aware and have more communication with other beings. So yes i would guess your astral senses are opening up

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Maybe with everything that’s going, we’re paying more attention to the world around us and it might be helping us to develop our skills and our astral senses

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