Are King Paimon and King Bael compatible demons?

Hi all. I’ve searched online already whether King Paimon and King Bael are spirits you can work with altogether and some have said they are totally compatible. Though, I’d like to see some insight from you folks.

Here is the reason why I ask. Sorry for the long read but I’d like to put my experiences out there anyway.

I felt a calling from King Paimon on September 2019 at my college as I was doing research on sciences. I’ve always been curious about arts and sciences - for art, specifically music composition and sound design. I’d not know much about King Paimon - only about his name and artworks of him as well as his sigil - until I felt this calling. Every time I closed my eyes I can only envision beautiful artworks of him and it was hard to concentrate on what science I was researching on so instead I’ve started researching King Paimon. I came home that night and I felt a strong presence in my bedroom and thought I’d see a robe at the corner of my eye. I couldn’t tell if my mind was playing tricks but this presence felt very comforting. When I first got his sigil, I had plenty of dreams where he was in it. His hair was red. One dream was where I was in my bed and there were really freaky entities crawling up to me and he was right by my side and told me that there is nothing to worry about.

I’ve had a downfall on my spiritual workings around 2020 as I chose to commit to a relationship that wasn’t really healthy and so I no longer felt King Paimon in my presence from time to time during my rituals.

I’ve also came across another relationship with someone who constantly invaded my privacy and would try to control me by making me reliant on their support for help. That individual I believe is more advanced in the works of magic than I was, and I really thought we resonated but it was about control. Enough with the personal stuff, but the point was that this individual informed me about a sleep paralysis they had where I came in their room and everything seemed exciting until King Bael revealed himself through me saying to this person somewhere along the lines to “stay away” in a hoarse voice. I never heard about King Bael and neither did this person until that experience. I researched King Bael and couldn’t tell if this person was lying to me just to excite some story.

2020: I’ve also had a creepy sleep paralysis experience that year because I wasn’t able to understand it until nowadays. In the vivid dream/paralysis (I couldn’t tell what sort of phase it was), I was video chatting with my previous partner who we both had an unhealthy relationship as well - a very depressing one indeed with lots of arguing and neglect towards each other (before the controlling one). I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and felt a strange presence of energy from my grandparents’ room. It was the feeling of everything being unusual and really different. I quickly walked back to my bedroom and went to bed, looking at the video call. It all seemed so real that I thought that partner and I were actually together again until oddly, he was murdered right in front of me through video call by a dark cloaked figure behind him which I thought was just a black curtain from his closet. It looked like a dark knight with a cloak, I couldn’t even tell. Turned out - THAT room was actually my grandparents’ bedroom that he was in through video call. After that, I felt fast-tapping cat feel run around my bed. I did freak out a bit as I never experienced any sleep paralysis like this. Usually I can tell if I am having sleep paralysis or if I am dreaming, but this one I thought it was real until this hybrid form cat roamed around my bed in a weird way. I brought this sleep paralysis experience up because now I believe it may have been King Bael trying to send a message. I’ve read that King Bael sometimes takes form of a cat.

Throughout this year gap, I’ve no connection with any entity. I fell behind and became distracted again. I got back on my feet in 2021-2022 from an awakening with mushrooms on November 27, 2021.

2021-2022: These days, I’ve been obsessed with protecting my privacy. I sacrificed my art content and connections (with acquaintances from former schools, etc.) to protect my privacy and my mind. By sacrifice, I mean I deleted all popular social media accounts and only kept a few ones I thought were useful.

I’ve woke up from dreams hearing flies buzzing around my ear or even bugs crawling on my feet, and I personally am terrified of bugs so when I woke up, I searched my entire room and bed for any crawlies to put outside my yard.

I couldn’t help but suspect it may be King Bael trying to tell me something. I look back on King Paimon and feel that it would be disrespectful to work with King Bael all of a sudden. It doesn’t feel morally right to me to choose one over the other.

Can I work with both?

I made a typo under the King Bael section. His presence was a cat with fast-tapping feet, not “feel.” I’m only suspecting it was him, but cannot confirm 100%. Based on forums I’ve read about him, it sounds that it may have been him. I also wanted to add in there that not only was I such a private freak but I was crazy political about privacy protection too and at the time I was, I woke up to paralysis with hearing and feeling bugs around me. Even dreams of them. Huge fear factor. But now, I’ve learned to love them, like ants. I can’t bear to kill an ant anymore without feeling guilt. Except cockroaches, bed bugs, and mosquitoes - I cannot stand their existence.

Yes, you can work with King Paimon and King Bael at the same time. They both belong to the same hierarchy, the Ars Goetia, and generally, the 72 will work together.

If it really bothers you, though, you could always reach out to King Paimon, and ask him about it, but life moves on, and in order to grow along our path, we must sometimes leave behind that which we no longer need. And more often than not, it is the spirit we want to stay who will shove us out the door, kicking and screaming, towards another spirit so we will continue to evolve.

However, the choice is always yours whether to accept the invitation or not.