Are evocations more successful during the blood moon?

As the title states.

I’m assuming they are, but I also would love experiences anyone has previously had!

Thanks in advance.


Evocations at any time or day is successful
But some days and times have a more powerful influence then the others.


The bloodmoon is the moment when the sun earth and moon are aligned. The earth is between. I See it as the unity of Samael (sun) and Lilith (moon) as a powerful aspect for witches.


I see the blood moon perfect for working with the feminine and masculine energies in unison.

Like @Rav started working with Samael and Lilith is a great idea.

I did work with Lucifer as he is both feminine and masculine.

Great time to balance your Ying and Yang too becoming the perfect balance of feminine and masculine power.

Great to work on the power eye too, as it has been said two petals on the power eye have planetary powers.

One petal is the sun and the other is the moon, when the force of solar masculinity and lunar feminity are joined into the centre of the power eye it’s absolutely empowering.

The blood moon is great to work with specific entity’s connected to that lunar phase for example Az Jahi The dark goddess who is the blood moon in the Ahrimanic sect in the path of smoke.

There are many things we can do with the blood moon.