Are demons less lazy than Gods etc?

I’m under the impression that demons are more hard working than Gods, angels and any other kind of entities. Maybe I’m completely wrong as I’m still a beginner in magick but from what I see with others people this is the impression I get. And I’m absolutely not talking about baneful magick. It can be money magick, love magick, any kind of magick etc. I’ve just drawn the conclusion that demons seem more hard working, less lazy, more willing to cause radical changes, more willing to do invasive things, and work faster. I have a feeling that if I petitioned both, a God and a demon for example, I’d have a higher chance to get exactly what I want from the demon than from the God. Also I have the feelings that Gods, angels etc are way more distant than demons. Demons seem to be closer from humans. Of course these are only assumptions as I don’t have much experience in magick. Am I seeing right?


There’s hardly any difference between Gods, Demons, and Angels, aside from the attributes you prescribe to them, and your own personal expectations of them. Often times, a God would have a godform, a demonform, and an angelform. That same God.

Now someone will probably say, “Well that’s not what I experienced.” And that’s fine. But ask yourself, have you approached Demons, Gods, and Angels without any expectation first, and then came to that conclusion, or you had some expectations and then confirmed your suspicions.


I agree with Baal here when I first started out I used to think that these entities I would summon might be tricksters that would give me what I want in a way I didn’t so they can have a laugh. Guess what happened when I called some to help me get more girls attracted to me on a night out?
I asked for someone very beautiful, age appropriate, healthy with nothing contagious. I got just that! the hottest girl in the club was all over me first second we made eye contact I felt the energy and she seemed bewitched, kept trying to get at me for the night…while 6’3 steroid abuser rugby player boyfriend was right next to her.
they gave me what I asked for and fulfilled my expectations of them.
So clear up any pre conceived notions about the entity you are summoning beforehand so that you can get the exact results that you want.


They are not lazy but can be uninterested in. No laziest demons than us, humans :slight_smile:

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They do have 3 forms. I don’t know why but everything was split into three. Weird.

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A single God has a great number of forms. But if you were to categorize them into major groups, then, yes, you would get 3 categories.

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From what I have seen I feel the same way. Demons are very busy. From what I have seen, angels are not so busy. The gods are busy too.

I didn’t want to go there but yes you are correct. Three and then the three made many many more. It is quite amazing actually.

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It really is!