Are Demon Kings Busy?

What is your understanding of spirits’ limitations? Is a spirit king like earthly rulers who’s time is precious and limited? I’m considering an evocation of Lucifer; however, it seems silly that he would have time to show up and chat with me, sillier than the idea of me just calling up Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin and asking their input on my life. Doesn’t Lucifer have better things to do?



I believe it most likely wouldn’t be the original true Lucifer who shows up for you. But to you there would be no difference. .:slightly_smiling_face:

I believe he, and the rest of the gang, are omnipresent, so don’t worry about that.
Also, what @Paulden says is also possible, so be sure to verify who answers your call, just in case.


That’s true if those high-ranked spirits are one being. As far as I understand, they are “made up” of hundreds of thousands of spirits. Each can act as the same being. So what you actually meet in an evocation, my not be Lucifer in person, but in spirit.

This unique spiritual nature explains why in the bible for example, you find a prophet calling an Angel, God. While he knows it’s an Angel, not God in person. God acts through the Angel to communicate with humans.

The same with all high-ranked spirits like Lucifer, Satan, and all other Gods and Goddesses.


Thank you all. All helpful answers.

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They have their own priests and spirit workers. Don’t assume you are truly talking to them more like their workers that represents them on the Earth plane.

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Yes, They are. The most powerful Spirits are able to manifest Themselves in more places in the same time. It was never a big secret or anything. :woman_shrugging: Even your higher self is able to manifest him/herself in this way if powerful enough, but if you do some researches around ther you’ll find that souls are omnipresents in basic, anyway.

You are also able to identify a Spirit based on his/her energy.
Why would you have to working with Their lower spirit workers? It does not make any sense. You should easily find an another noname spirit then because “whatever”. Is there a reason why people sometimes asked Them, and not lower Demons for example.