Are bees and Flies signs of Belial?

So, this morning I summoned Belial for assistance. I didn’t notice anything initially and almost felt as if I was talking to myself.

However I kept faith and went to sleep.

I wake up almost 9 hours later to a loud buzzing. A bee is in my room and I can’t find it. It’s buzzing every thirty seconds or so.

Is this a possible sign of Belial’s acknowledgement of my request?

I’ll certainly take it as such.


Belial not so much. But insects are tied with Beelzebub. He even manifests as a fly quite often.


Interesting. I was thinking of Beelzebub on my way to the working area.
Maybe I summoned him by accident.
Or maybe I summoned no one.

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It could be he picked up on the thoughts you were sending out. That’s definitely Beelzebub.

Hopefully once this task is done, I can get a certain indication of who took up the job. So I can give the reward to the proper individual.

I am just going to comment the same as others it is definitely an beelzebub thing. He did a straight up horror movie scene with flies in 2014 in my house.


Thank you for that confirmation.