ARD's Ascent Journal

This thread is gonna serve me as a journal and a log book of my daily adventures. My goal is to maintain balance between mundane and spiritual life. I will also be using magick to serve me with my mundane life. I will be trying to integrate spiritual and mundane life as much as possible. This is a time of my life where I have gained a lot of freedom to do a lot of things and I will make sure that “lot of things” will be the things that will actually matter for me and my path.

I have never been able to express my creativity truly till now. I never had someone who pushed me to it or the atmosphere where creativity is appreciated. The society I live in only gives approval for the marks. Like fuck they still see a kid as spoiled if he is getting less marks even tho maybe he is doing good at any other part of life. It’s life they are bling to it. Enough about the shit society. I stopped giving a fuck to it long ago.

So the goal is to get the juices flowing. I will be using various ways to access creativity.
And I will trying different new stuff. I will explore and venture out seeking the great wisdom of the universe.

I want to be different from the masses. So I will try my best to be untouched my social claws. I will not limit myself. I will be taking myself of the social media and devoting myself to doing more productive and more fulfilling stuff.


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