Ardetha meditation

so i was practicing the very first meditation from ardetha: the made vampire. its called entering the current via memory. it has you relive a harsh memory as vivdly as possible and transferr over to a more pleasant one. ive been practicing this several times today and one is a car accident that occured a few months back while i was skateboarding. i walked away without having anything broken or having to go to the hospital. after doing that same meditation for the final time tonight i experienced a phantom pain in my right shoulder that wasnt there to begin with but was there during the accident. moreover my psychic body’s eyes are red. they still have black pupils and the whites thatd normally be there but both eyes have a black x going through them and i have talons with my usual black wings. it also somehow initiated contact between myself and my shadow self. what would you guys make of this?

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I havent tried this meditation or anything from that book, but the concept of the shadow is something that I have been looking into lately. Like you, I had visions of it on several occassions while doing seemingly unrelated workings. So, I decided to investigate more. I believe it’s related to the ancient Egyptian concept of the khaibit or the shadow of the man. The khaibit is one of the nine parts of the soul and it was believed in ancient Egypt that it can seperate itself from the physical body and go forth where it desires.The ancient sorceres used their khaibit to travel the astral plane, the realm of shades and to go forth and take energy from others to use for various reasons.

Over the last few weeks, I have been doing some work with my shadow. More precisely, I have been “feeding” it with my own energy through a black mirror as outlined in A.W. Dray’s “Nox Infernus”, but I have also tried some astral projection stuff with it. The results this far are encouraging to say the least. I have been geting some really cool lucid and/or prophetic dreams, on several occassions (while I was awake this time) I saw stuff in my mind seconds before they happen (like visual premonitions) and my astral projection sessions are also enhanced. Not to mentioned the increased libido. Ofcourse, according to what I’ve read I’m just scratching the surface so far and the are many other abilities to be discovered with continual practice.

So yeah, you might wanna check into that stuff. Also, if it’s convenient please keep us posted on your experiences with Ardeth. I’m curious about that book, because so many people recommend it, but I personally didn’t like it at all for some strange reason I can’t really put into words. I had to push myself to even finish reading it, as since the first few chapters I wanted to quit. It’s not that the author is writting bullshit or anything, the book seems very well thought and the carriculum presented seems well- structured, it’s just that I didnt really felt excited to try anything from it so I didnt.

I actually had a dream after my path working I posted in general discussion. It involved hella change and a solar eclipse. And I was doing vamp work that night as well

Ok so per request I will post my ardeth experience. The ‘x’ pattern in my eyes has changed to a tri pattern. Moreover my senses (physical that is) have heightened just a tad. I’ve also become less emotional. Whenever I look at my physical shadow it has red eyes, no whites in the eyes just pure red with talons. He seems to be aggressive

My new ocular pattern:

So I went and tested my new found prowess. Transfer of energy from individuals is smoother. Transfer of energy while vamping multiple targets at once is easier. I can now take some of another’s magical prowess. Moreover originally I had a difficult time keeping the energy I took. Now it’s not that big of an issue. My hands tingle and vibrate when I vamp now. These eyes do have power. According to Leviathan, this is the power of the ardeth system. I am merely in its infant stages. It’s the eyes that’s empowering to a degree. However it’s not just the eyes. “The eyes of ardetha”

My shadow also undergoes some minor changes in appearence occassionaly. When it first appeared to me it looked like a thick cloud of black mist, with only a couple of blue flashing eyes being visible. Now, it looks almost identical to the Nazgul from the LOTR, with an ankh pendant hanging around the neck. You can change the appearence at will, but I choose to let it do it’s own thing and besides that I like it just the way it is right now.

Also what techinque do you use to store the energy? What I came up with, is that when my shadow returns to my body, I visualize the energy surrounding my chakras and then as I draw breath it gets absorbed, one chakra at a time.

P.S. Just out of curiosity, why is this thread in the divination section?

Well is there a meditation thread?

I usually try to store it in my solar plexus but it just burns out after a bit.

I’m thinking of evoking my shadow but having Raphael present

Also I’m skipping the sexual sigilization as I have no sex partner. NEXT

Update: my psychic body’s eyes are same, for now. A weird figure just tried to attack me, but my fallen vamp angels wreck shit so that was never gonna work. I believe that the purpose of the meditations is to gain mastery of emotions. A predator constitutes being controlled when needed to be (the learning of shifting between emotions, thus why the shift of memories) and absolutely unleashing hell when required (hence the hatred). Something I’ve noticed is that vampires can be very sexual in nature and certain animals can denote vampiric traits

However as for the psychic transformation, I am unsure what has caused this. Any thoughts?

There’s more to the meditation. It brings about the shadow for a reason. If you read liber nox infernus aka the book of black amber (or ashes? Something like that) the shadow is preditorial in nature and has many vampiric uses. I’ve decided to reach out to the shadow and form a bond with it in order to become Vampyrisitic allies. This practice also has taken place in ancient Egypt for hundreds of years. I have been led to believe that this practice has power and that there’s more to the shadow than just healing. Just read liber nox infernus you’ll see what I mean.

Actually, Nox Infernus was the reason that I got interested in working with the shadow in the first place. Something about that book really intrigued and fascinated me and I’m planing to work through it in the future. I would start working with it now, but unfortunately I cant do it atm, because I want to keep my practice a secret at least for now and I can’t make an actual temple in my place. I mean, I cant have jars filled with dirt and bone powder lying around. I’m looking for a suitable place to set an outside temple though, for when the weather gets better. Hopefully it wont take long.

Anyway, I’m rambling again, I have been doing the “shadow portal feeding” ritual from Nox Infernus for a couple of weeks and the results that I noticed and posted in my previous post actually derive from that ritual. I would definitely recommend it. I’m sure the other ritual presented in the grimoire for empowering the shadow would be even stronger, but I don’t have any friends involved in the occult to help me out (it requires two people). But, please do tell if you try any ritual from that book, I would really like to learn of your experience.

Theodoris, have you tried summoning your shadow and giving it offerings as you would any other spirit?

This thought never crossed my mind tbh, but the more I think about it the more I like it. Have you tried it?

Nope lol

Ok. Sorry for he abandonment of this topic I went to work on a few projects.

Now I move on to the circulation exercise one. In this exercise I observe a tragedy on national TV, then observe my reaction to this and once I find the powerful enough reaction I imerse myself in it and awaken the beast within

I been consideration looking into this book

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its good for getting into psychic vampirism.

Were can i get liber nox infernus