Trying to understand something ERIK you say that the Christian god does not impress you that he has left you wanting. While I have never interacted with him and as I believe you have. How is it that entities such as the arch angels as strong and fierce as they are. Follow a weaker god.

The Archangels don’t follow anyone except AA Michael, that’s why.
They are older than Yahwah.


Where did you learn this?

There was a huge debate here about it once (one of those ones I didn’t bookmark :confused: ) and I’ve been watching a little from Bill Duvendack on Yahwah.

So I’ll say it’s the info I’ve gotten so far, I’ve tried to talk to Michael about it but can’t get through well enough yet, but I’ll keep trying on the communication barrier.

It is from my personal understanding that the tetragrammaton is simply a tribal name for the formless creator who assumes responsibility for all things, it was this same divine architect who created the Celestial beings. The oldest surviving tribe who retains these practices are the Yazidi, who according to them it was the Peacock Angel who fabricated the realm we are in.
Whether Yazdan, Tetragrammaton, Adonai, Yahweh or any of the varying spellings these are simply different names for a similar concept.


Thank you guys you have given me a fair amount to research I will let you know what I find

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Heard some here refer to Satan or Lucifer as a Peacock.
Interesting thing to say.


Oddly I recall something of that effect aswell but not on here. To my memory the feathers are something of all seeing eyes


Well that is Melek Taus or Tawsi Melek who is Azra’il, the Yazidi have been demonized in the middle east and have suffered a terrible genocide in recent years, to which I will not go into detail as per the guidlines of politics in the forum. I recommend if you are interested do some research on this tribe, I think a lot of western theurgy will make some more sense once one has done a fair amount of research on this beautiful tribal culture.

Thank you Amber for the edit grammar and spelling never really been my forte

WTF???!!! R U sure about that? :confused:

The evidence is somewhat tenuous, but AA Michael almost certainly did.