Archangels of wrath VS magickal attack: Which is the most potent?

Wich is the most pottent, share your experiences

The one that jibes the most with you, your practice or lack there of and so forth.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying different magic system it comes down to the individual and their situation- who desires the work be done whether or not it works in every case.

It doesn’t matter what work I choose to do for it, it will work. What matters is that I choose the type of work that will leave me feeling as if yea I did a good job.

Sometimes that’s open a sigil, sometimes it’s light a candle, sometimes I spend three hours doing a simple ritual because I feel called to.

The most powerful magic is the magic of your intuition and claircognianze. (Imop of course but discernment is the third thing and it’s a cognitive/awareness function that can be increased) These things will lead you to spirits and practices that can help you the most.

It’s really easy to do too, you just pretty much go sit somewhere comfortable or stand doesn’t matter and think about the problem and what’s wrong. Then tell yourself I need to know what the best magic to use is

Then stop thinking about and go do life, an oh this is it moment will come up later and then you’ll get what I mean.

Otherwise both systems are effective, I’ve used them and received results, neither is better or more friendly or more likely to give me results than the other. The potency of the magic imop lies in the user not the creator.