Archangels and money magick (Tzadkiel in particular)

Hello, fellow BALG members!

So, when I decided to start serious pratice in magick 1.5 month ago, my plan was to work with demons and angels alike to greatly improve different areas of my life - financial one included. And for each area there was different aspects. For inner ones I thought I’d work with angels and archangels and for outer sphere - with demons.

However, things changed a little as I made my progress. I somehow feel like I’d better work with archangels on outer things too for now. Mind you, there is in place for some anti-demon bias in my mind - I respect them just as much. It’s just… Dunno. Maybe my intuition tells me that it’s not the time to work with them yet, maybe it’s my inner completionist tell me to concentrate on angelic magick for now to learn it better, and then focus on demonic side of things.

So, right now my goal is to improve my money situation and my work. I did some sigil rituals, invocations of quality and evocations to enhance meself and my own performance at work. Kamael and His quality of genius, Gabriel for discipline quality, evocation of Metatron to help me deeply understand my projects and work experiences, and evocation of Uriel to help with creative projects in general.

And now it’s time to add a bit of good fortune. I work in marketing, running paid ads campaighns for my customers, and luck can be a huge factor here.

So my questions is:

  1. Is Tzadkiel a good choice to bless ad campaigns I make and run with some luck, so it will perform the best way it can? I did learn that he is strong with matters of fortune and abundance.
  2. Can he, in general, assist with matters of business marketing?
  3. Can someone tell from experience how this Archangel approach money workings? Is He improve money situation in general, or can help with some particular requests, such as mine?

So, this is my questions. General one - did I choose the right entity, or is it better for me to work with demons on the matter?

@shinri very very sorry to bother you, but I noticed that you have very interesting experience in money magick and archangel magick, and as I understand you worked with Tzadkiel before. I’m sorry again, but could you please share your opinion on the matter? It will be very cool and much appreciated!


did work Tzadkiel for marketing campaigns?

Yes he is very powerful but I suggest on focusing on becoming successful and developing a financial education with him and the when money come you know what to do with them :blush:
He helps at making you more organized, calculated etc
He will bring Many opportunities/ people/ situations into your live so pay attention to the sign/lesson
Started working with him last year and I am finally ready to get my home and completely change my job

I used a Jupiter sigil and on the back i did a kamea with his name on it