Archangel Raziel: does he provide insights about mundane things?

Hey guys, I was reading this about the archangel Raziel:

and it’s very clear that he can tell us secrets about the universe.

I’m naturally a very curious person…I have so many questions regarding ancient earth, aliens, dinosaurs, etc. I’m also curious about the real cause(s) of the recent plane crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia, for instance.

Do you guys know if he will actually provide insights about such mundane, earthly matters?


I would say, no, as he is more inclined towards the “secrets” of godhood and Ascension, in my experience, than any conspiracy nonsense, but there would be no harm in asking.

The problem with asking such questions, though, is any answers will be filtered through the biases you currently hold. So, you are far more likely to get confirmation of conspiracy theories from a spirit when you actively believe in them, than if you don’t hold any such beliefs.


I see! So are there any angels who can answer questions about mundane matters then? If so, which angels?

He can.

Yes, there are plenty.

However, you will still run into the same problem as you would with Raziel. Any conspiracy theory will tend to be confirmed simply through your own expectations of the answers.

In my experience, those who believe in the idea of “ancient aliens,” will have it confirmed by spirits because those very same people ignore any physical evidence that conflicts with their opinions, making it far more likely that they will read into the words of a spirit what they want to hear, not what the spirit actually means.

In my opinion, this is also why there are so many wildly different ideas regarding the origin of angels and demons. People go in with expectations of having their own beliefs confirmed, so naturally that is what happens. This is the drawback to getting answers from spirits regarding anything because it is virtually impossible for a human not to hold any biases (I have had this happen with my own questions).

And it doesn’t help matters that angels tend to speak vaguely and in a round about way, full of metaphor, rather than straight and to the point.

All I can suggest is call upon a couple of different angels and/or demons, ask the same questions and compare the answers in the light of your own beliefs regarding your questions and go on from there.


Interesting points…thanks! The 2 plane crashes are not really surrounded by conspiracy theories though (unlike the MH 370 crash). I’m sure the causes of the 737 crashes are rather straightforward, but I’m just so eager to know the answer now, because apparently investigators will need months to analyze the blackboxes (which were found), lol :wink:

Interesting that you mentioned about angels speaking vaguely and in a round about way, full of metaphor, rather than straight and to the point. As a matter of fact, I once met an angel channeler who passed some info from angels and the archangel Michael, and I felt so stupid, because I found their message to be so metaphoric and indirect. I thought I was the only one who felt that! :slight_smile: I’m a very left brained person (trained in / really into maths/science/tech), so I’m used to saying/expecting direct, specific, detailed, to the point answers about anything in life…lol!

I was raised (and still am) Catholic, so I find it terrifying to work with demons…afraid of the punishment, burning in hell, sins, etc…I’m not sure if these are actually true or just created by the church? One thing though: the Bible/God condemns demons, so not sure if working with them is a good idea?

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Yeah, I think angels speak in metaphor because ruminating on that metaphor prompts more personal insight than just giving it to you on a silver platter. In other words, the angels want you to work for your answers, rather than just handing them to you, in the same way good teachers in school help you find the answer yourself instead of just telling you so the lesson is learned deeper than just the surface.

No, you won’t go to Hell for working with demons. That is just religious propaganda meant to keep you from self empowerment. There was no war in Heaven, and angels and demons are simply different sides to the same coin. They can work together in cooperation without issue and even recommend one another if they think one is better suited for a task (for example, the angel Raphael has recommended the demon Marbas to some people for certain healing, and vice versa).


It is matter of inner spiritual things and we can see when we go into deeper. I read for angel number which is very helpful for me

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