Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael is one of the spirits I really adore. I read about him and found out that he is extremely kind and has the ability to cure all the diseases and illnesses. So I was wondering whether he can cure diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, AIDS etc. Thanks.


Raphael is known as the divine physician, and out of all the spirits I know, he has the most mojo in the healing department. Though angels aren’t my normal shtick, he is one of the few that I have worked with, and had excellent results. I don’t now the limits of his abilities, but he would probably be willing to tell you himself. He is very easy to contact and work with, so give it a shot, and see what he says.


The doctors thought my younger brother might have cancer. He’s only in his 20s but he had all the symptoms. I asked Raphael to help him and my brother’s symptoms disappeared. He did a follow up test with the doctor and there weren’t any problems they could find

I can’t say it will work like that for everyone. But what does it hurt to ask?


He is the only angel I have worked with and it was out of desperation. I had a severe infection in my foot and couldn’t even walk, it was so swollen and painful. A very simple evocation and a soak in blessed water and I was up and moving the next day. I don’t know about cancer, but he can certainly do amazing things.


It is best to ask for help along with mortal doctors. In my practice I have learned that you have to meet the spirit atleast half way.

Look, I don’t know what your going through to seek this out, but you have my blessings.


I will share my story.

A very close friend of mine suffers from a brain disease that greatly affects her ability to read books/novels.

This girl was a voracious reader and would read 10-15 books a week on average, however when the disease progressed, she could no longer even knock out a single book in a month. She suffers from depression on top of the disease, and not being able to read doesnt help.

I had read about Raphael and felt a “connection” to him, and that he could help.

So a few months back, on a Wed morning, i drew Raphaels sigil on a paper and I meditated on it. I felt the pressure in the room change, and my nose started to run(my nose always runs when i make contact), so i knew I made contact. I petitioned Raphael to help my friend with her DEPRESSION, and I thanked him.

The next day my friend tells me that she found some old romance novels under the couch, and she stayed up all night reading and finished BOTH of them. She was so happy she was crying. She couldnt believe it and she now averages 5-8 books a week, even though the disease is still progressing.

Her doctor said that she had never had a patient lose an ability and then gain it back, while the disease was still progressing. Its a miracle she said. Her meds never changed during this time.

So as for Raphael…he took care of it. He fixed her DEPRESSION by fixing her ability to READ.

I am generally LHP to my roots, but Raphael has my respect, my grattitude, and my deep appreciation. He is a miracle worker.


That is great! As a voracious reader myself, I can imagine how the loss of that could be devastating for someone.

Congratulations on your successful magick :slight_smile:

Congratulations to your friend for her successful healing :slight_smile:

And kudos to Raphael for his work. He is truly the Divine Physician, and is a pretty cool guy to boot. He doesn’t care if someone is RHP or LHP or something else entirely. He’ll help if he can.


Thanks my friend @DarkestKnight

Raphael is absolutely Amazing!


I am happy about your result.

However, Arch Raphael can heal all diseases, this is according to him. Do you mind telling him about the disease too!

I am very sure Arch Raphael will not act on the disease until you ask him to. * free will things*


I’m really glad you pointed out he doesn’t care what background someone is from. I don’t doubt these entities have their own politics I just can’t say I truly get them

But the impression I’ve always gotten off him in this regard is that

  1. If Raphael was a D&D character he would be chaotic neutral doing whatever the heck he wants

  2. He thinks bigger than most other entities do and is waiting to launch his own end game…this is just my own intuitive impression but also kind of backed up by how he has a close association with armageddon in lore

Just makes me wonder sometimes what he’s up to


Yeah, he really doesn’t care what someone’s belief is. Plenty of people on the forum have worked with him successfully.

I have found, in my experience, that most of the archangels couldn’t care less whether someone works with the demonic or not, even Michael, who is usually called upon to protect against the demonic. They simply fulfil their offices regardless of the magician’s particular philosophical or religious leanings.

As for Raphael’s agenda, he probably does have something he’s working towards, but so do a variety of spirits regularly worked with on this forum like Belial, Azazel, and Lucifer so I don’t see why angels would be any different, since they and demons are pretty much two sides of the same coin.



I effing love you right now!! I’m literally sitting down to draw his sigil as part of an experimental spell and I’m looking at it like “How the heck do I draw this??”


I told him about the disease and her depression, and asked him to help her however he could.

Neither her or I are disappointed with the result.