Archangel Raphael is incredible

If you have a physical ailment that seems almost impossible to fix, do not let anyone tell you your only options are to deal with it or endure painful surgery. It’s only been a bit over a week since summoning the enigma that is Archangel Raphael and I am absolutely floored. I am grossly ambivalent by nature and this trait gets in my way more often than not. This, however, is not something I could possibly be mercurial about.

Last week, I made a post wondering if I was being too impatient in regards to working with Raphael. I expected super fast results because I was in intense distress and needed my predicament to end ASAP, but Raphael himself told me to just be patient and trust him and that he would not let me suffer for long. It was really hard, but I tried my best. I looked in the mirror everyday in complete despair. What I saw stressed me out beyond belief. This illness of mine is none other than the disgusting pest known as ‘periodontal disease’. Human life is hard enough. Why the creator saw it fit to fix us up with gum disease - I don’t know.

I’ve had these dental issues all my life. My gums receded on a few teeth, but it didn’t bother me. I don’t mind getting those fixed at a dentist. However, my lower right molar was a killer. The gum receded so far down that the actual root of my tooth began to peek out. THE ROOT. Who the HELL can see that and not panic? Raphael said fixing my disease would take time because I’ve harbored this ill energy in my mouth for many years, but he fixed my #1 concern with a surprising quickness. I am ashamed that I even doubted him, but I would have doubted any entity I worked with. I looked in the mirror today and wanna know what I saw?


I stared for what felt like hours. Every single dentist online will tell you it’s impossible for it to regrow, that you’ll need expensive gum grafting surgery. What a gag. IF YOU SEE SIGNS FROM THE ENTITY YOU ARE WORKING WITH AND THINK, “I’m just trying to see a sign. I’m being delusional.” NO, IT TRULY IS A SIGN! The fucking sunlight that flooded the corner of my room was GREEN. That obviously never happened until I welcomed Raphael into my life. In fact, every time I felt down I saw that brilliant shade of green he loves. I wasn’t truly on board with magic and working with entities until now. This is insane. My life has been as malleable as a brick up until this point. I never knew I could live the way I wanted. A HUGE thanks to this forum as well for introducing me to him.

Some words of his: Wait and wait and wait. This is not a show. There will be no bursts of power. My energy is subtle and will wrap around you like a cocoon. I’ve said it time and time again. I can heal anything and anyone. Reach out to me.

^ He is right. I wasn’t even aware he was fixing me. As I said in a previous post, he thanked me for having him. All of this power and he’s still humble enough to genuinely appreciate who he’s spending his time with. What an awesome guy.

P.S: Make sure you ask him about offerings if you want to give one. Uh, let’s just say I was super panicked and thought it’d be a good idea to offer a certain something without his consent. He didn’t appreciate it. He wasn’t angry. More like gently shaking his head and saying, “Seriously?” I mean…ya live, ya learn.


That’s awsome congrats on your success :blush: what method did you use to call Raphael?