Archangel Raphael: how to properly invoke/evoke him?

Hi everyone,

Last Friday I was feeling great pain on my upper abdomen (apparently due to gallbladder infection.)

I then opened various sigils of the Archangel Raphael, from GoM’s Archangels of Magick book, as well as Ben Woodcroft’s angel book.

I stared at the sigil, and kept calling his name over and over, hoping that he would at least provide some relief for the pain.

But nothing happened and I felt no relief at all. What did I do wrong? What’s the proper way of invoking/evoking him?


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Try this:


:thinking: not sure if it’s a proper way but this is how I invoke him! Put some calm music, draw his sigil on my left hand (left takes energy/right gives energy), and call him slow and like “RAA-FAA-IEEELL” couple of times until I feel something!


Hey tamatoa, sad to hear that you’re in pain, but the best advice I could probably give you is to read the first three parts of Archangels of Magick thoroughly, perform the basic sigil ritual with your full intent and focus, and then trust that the magick is working.

From the sounds of it, you seem to have not followed the instructions laid out in the book, including speaking the words of power and performing the very-important emotional transmutation. Even this relatively basic ritual can be quite effective, so effective in-fact that it may surprise you, and it is well worth your time to learn these basic steps.

Now, I can assure you that this magick works, but it may take time for it to take full effect. I know it’s hard, but do your best to accept that your pain may not immediately go away. If you can embrace patience and not pressure the magick, it will work much more quickly and with much more fluidity.

Also, if you haven’t already I would really suggest that you seek out professional medical assistance. Raphael can work healing wonders, but the archangel can do so much more readily when you are already receiving mundane medical care. Raphael can also help you find a good doctor, should that be a concern.

The basic sigil ritual ought to be sufficient for your current situation, though if you seek to invoke or evoke Raphael in the future, the rituals described in Archangels of Magick are quite effective. I’ve invoked and evoked the archangels many times, but I will still use the sigil rituals from time-to-time should I desire a relatively simple result.

Wish you the best friend :slight_smile:


This worked for me. Be prepared for the unexpected. I asked Raphael for healing in one area and he gifted me with something else far more rewarding.


Generally magick takes time to manifest. Once U train your mind in magical rituals you will start to get results quicker and quicker. Though Getting relief instantly or within few hours need a lot of practice.

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Absolutely. I was more surprised by Raphael’s “order of priorities” mindset while adressing my situation.

It was like he was showing me what needs to be healed first before other healings take place.