Archangel Raphael (healing)

I’ve heard that evoking archangel Raphael is good for healing and such, plz tell me about your experiences with archangel Raphael.
I’m asking this question because i have a lazy eye and i was wondering if he would be able to help me out with this problem

Thx in advance:)

I’ve had good healing success with Raphael in many ways.
This is a really good method:

Yes Archangel Raphael is excellent for healing. I have petitioned to him many times for myself and on the behalf of others. Helena pretty much covered it with the link above.

Hope you have success.

Hi, man

I just tried to work with Raphael last night, for some heart issues, but it is really too soon to say anything.

Anyway, I did work with success in my eyes, but not with Raphael, but with Yeliyel and de goetic demon Amy. According to The Magick of Angels and Demons they can improve vision or heal eye disease. It worked for me. I don’t know what their power treshold is, but I think it is worth a shot.

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Wait so I’m confused…did you work with Raphael or no?

I did. Last night. And for some issues with my heart. Less than 24 hours isn’t enough time to see results, that’s why I’m not saying anything about it. But I thought OP could benefit from the powers of Yeliyel/Amy.

I see. Do Yeliyel and Amy work faster? Or do you just know them to work?

I started to notice some improvement in about a day and it kept improving after that. I’m far better right now. This is something objective: I saw really blurry, now I almost see normal. The issue isn’t 100% solved, but I do understand that healing is a process.

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Well that’s awesome. Any improvement is good.

Didn’t I ask you before about your eye glass script and you said you never had one? :thinking:

He won’t literally physically heal you , but show you remedies to any problems you have .

Yeah, I think we already spoke about this jajaja

To be honest, I’m kind of there. I have to make a little effort to focus at something small that’s 6 meters away, and no effort to work on the laptop. I could barely do it before I performed the ritual.

So yeah, it works. Isn’t magick awesome? :slight_smile:

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I agree. And yes it most definitely is. :grin:

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