Archangel methods

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Do you need to break a curse?

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It’s either a curse or hex of some sorts

he give you a good supply of swords?

Im constantly asking for his to chop up negative cords but they are persistent buggers and came back with stronger tuff next time.

like the op i guess hes asking how he can protect himself but to what limit - if you believe you have no power you have limited response.

point is god wants you to not be self sufficent, and ask him for help, and he can order any size of army that we are asking directly (if his will)

Not sure if the OP is here any longer, but, ere is my commentary on the question:
“i wanted to ask from pepole working with archangels when you talk with them do they teach you some self defence or how to free and break curses or black magic that vicious pepole do to other pepole just because they can? what did you learned from them to protect yourself from banefull magic?or are they(the archangels just telling you to be positive and think about peace and love?”
As I was raised a Christian, my life was not without problems, but as a child I felt relatively safe. As a teen and adult however, the occult called me several times. The Satanic Bible, The Golden Dawn and The Magus were ready to leap into my arms at age 14. In my twenties was when I practiced. I have felt the touch of the Holy Spirit and the real sense of evil multiple times in my life.
There are certain angels that can break or deflect curses, look into the gemini Shem angels. You call on them three times of their name while staring at their seal, and let it open and flash on your gaze, then recite their psalm and call them to appear, give your charge and license to depart unless you want to give offerings.
There are books I can recommend of you are serious about working with angels.
Mostly as a Christian, I was taught to respect, tolerate, and love and be at peace with others. The world taught me differently, as to why Im here. The world were the packs of wolves ready to snag a baby deer or a rabbit.
So, yes, you need to practice defense, take a look at old barns in Pennsylvania and surrounding Amish or Quaker areas, look into old methods of natural pest control, and uses of salt and red pepper. Magnets and horseshoes. Whys about them all.
Then you need magical defense, building up your chakras, subtle bodies, Clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, vibration, kundalini. This will fully empower you, then build your solar and lunar bodies up.

“i’ll happy to be inand only be in peace and love but reality as you know isn’t that simple.
what angels telling you to do when others hexing an cursing you?
i had an aunt that was being turtured and cursde for years until she died i did know nothing about self defence loke binding spells and other methoods until it was too late and i myself got attaccked by her she dosn’t have morals or regrets.i took care of her with methhoods from the left hand path which actually saved me from her and other pepole .but what have white magic or archangels teach to protect yourself from those kind of pepole?”

We have to do a deep and fearless, courageous microscope into our self and our life, and do a moral inventory or self analysis, whichever method you prefer.
We are all multifaceted like diamonds in the rough waiting to be cut polished and shine.
Once we know ourself, we have our perception of our capabilities and limitations, and we work on wards, shields, and thorough evocation of angels. Keep in mind some angels smite countries in a night and can cause all types of punishment, some have compassion on us, some want to help us in any way possible to reach our full potential.
Not like a Tony Robbins seminar however, spiritual as well as material.

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Ok so like i stated before he didn’t give me anything, i do not currently and have not actively work with this archangel for years now. What he did do was teach me methods to use what i had to protect myself.

At this point in time if i have to do a cord cutting i am the power behind it, defenses i’m the builder of them ect.

I have a handful of spirits that i work with that have advised me on ways to improve what i am doing but they are not the ones actively doing the work.

I can count on 1 hand the number of operations with spirits i have gone to do preform change externally in my life and this is generally after weeks sometimes months of consulting other people and spirits about a given issue and tryin different things. I don’t tend to let things spiral that far.

That having been said if you are having to repeatedly do cord cuttings then it may be the something or someone involved in the connection is actively maintaining it on a conscious or unconscious level and may need more energy to cut the bond. Depending on the rite this could take a day, 7 days or more of ritual work depending on your experience and the situation. It all varies from person to person.