Archangel Metatron: About the religious misconception about demons

Hi guys, I did find this article about Lucifer , while trying to find the affirmation through a channeling
if Metatron is Lucifer’s counterpart- since, through my own experience of duality I did experience that Angels and demons work as One and are not enemies per se, just different forces for different functions within ourselves-
What I got so far is that the Angelic Architect is the name of the conglomerate unity of angels/demons as this one unified construct. :wink:


Interesting. Whenever I hear Metatron’s name in invocations, they usually refer to him as an exclusive entity. Or maybe that’s just my brain talking.

I’ve never communed with him, but when I do, I’ll have to ask about that.

Not too different from my thoughts on this. A kind of ‘energy conglomerate’. For me, this is where it gets weird. Is it a conglomerate of energies just from this sphere, or drawing from multiple ones? If it is solely from this sphere then is it an emanation just below the Source of this sphere, and does this not imply multiple Sources at multiple levels? If it is drawing from multiple spheres then is it really a conglomerate entity or just yet another ‘species’ of entity altogether that cannot be understood yet?

From what I understood from channeled materials,
you would have the source of all, the I AM-presence, offering the possibility to co-create on all levels-
experience fields themselves would have a consciousness you can interact with, and also the beings therein.
Beings (let’s say Angels for example) would create a field wherein things can be experienced and souls can experience themselves. (Angels also creating the demonic counterparts, more as archetypical aspects of existence at large : including concepts such as the zodiac having it’s positive and negative polarity, more as forces rather than demonic as in ‘evil’. per se. However ‘evil’ is generally more a reaction to something-where like attracts like, still, as a cosmic law, like in ‘the secret’.

But to get back on track with your question.
There is a cooperation upon cooperation from the source on, from constructional platofrm to constructional platform (The Angelic Architect for example would include 1/4/7 D for example, and everything therein like 3D, 5D…, and then the angelic is co-created by yet something else…but there’s this cooperation between layers of existence all the way up to the source). Like a conglomerate of mechanisms operating in unison.
So no matter how far wrong things may seem to go, nothing is really lost. The idea though of the source is, beside 'Being that platform with it’s parameters set for the cosmos, is also to have this inducement of an out-breath and an in-breath (example big bang-as an outbreath) and inbreath as having everything coming back together to the source. I then heard in a channeling that it did happen several times. (astonished myself here as I write/remember these words! :-o )

What is also the case with 3D is that this is the main place where you can work with both polarities of light and dark and play with it all. Also all dimensionsional parameters ( like 5D and higher, and lower are all available all the way up to the source, here) in the purely 5D dimensions you would only have 5D building parameters available, and possibilities, and so on). Here you can fully embody your angelic form for example and play with it directly, or even be an avatar which otherwise is something that exists on the higher planes, for example.
That being said, we do have archetypes of ourselves on all levels of existence. We can be anything here.


please tell me if I should clarify things because I’m not sure how clearly I did write things for another to understand… :slight_smile: (I just woke up x’D) haha but doing my best… :slight_smile: