Archangel Haniel

After reading the insightful comments on reddit, I want to hear from those of you who have worked with Archangel Haniel. What’s your experience been like?

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I REALLY messed up asking Haniel to remind a friend I was hurt and in need, one of her powers. This generated a narcissistic discard lol.

In a way, this isn’t Haniel’s fault. It was my fault for not seeing NPD in a friend. I should’ve.

I had started to become suspicious of him earlier this year, as I noticed he didn’t tip people (big red flag of a jerk), he let his best friend go because the poor guy got DEPRESSED, etc. Not exactly a stand up individual! He just sort of hid it well because he has an “Awh shucks” type Midwest personality.

That said, Haniel does work well with creativity, love, relationships, imagination… beauty… lots of wonderful things. She can also sex things up, which is sort of rare for an archangel.

Marjorie Ek recently did a video on her.

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I’m sorry, but it is against forum rules to link to outside groups or communities, and that includes reddit, so I have edited out the link.

I have with her for developing my intuition, he is great. I never faced any complications so far.

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