Arch angel Gabriel & mammon?

Making a long story short i think Gabriel is trying to have me work with mammon

But not in the way I’m use too Gabriel has me command mammon and basically enslave him to my will

No I don’t think I currently own mammon more so
I think Gabriel was saying that maybe him and mammon are the same polarity just different degrees and to work with them both for balance

I’ve read that we connect to the higher beings in order to dominate the lower ones

Also this is what happened when I called mammon

My infernal counter part u shall rise before for me you know what you are a misguided miscreant
Today you are summoned as a salve under the will of the most high I will persevere your essence and turn you into a constructive being worthy of my grace as today you are now under my control and full will you shall will no authority over me in any form u shall now prosper with me as I command you to do so

Today is a day of evening a day of rest and sacrifice today u shall serve thy master in his undertakings reviling the blessing thy master is to receive no go fetch him the philosopher stone

After you shall return to your home under the will of god and await his beckoning call.

Immediately after I googled what the philosopher stone was and saw that the symbole for it matched the kybalion so I downloaded an epub and read the same day as well as book on alchemy from the Rosicrucian digest

Just would like to hear opinions thanks

Also to note i didn’t want to approach mammon like that I was actually trying to think of a way to talk to him but some weird reason that came out I just assumed maybe I was channeling Gabriel

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