Aramaic for Pact Circle

Is there a reference to the Aramaic characters in the Pact Circle?
thanks in advance to anyone who knows

are there any aramaic characters in the circle of pacts? excuse my ignorance, but this is actually the first i’ve heard of it, and i’m really quite interested. could you provide any more information about this?

and i believe the characters themselves read “Alash Tad Al-ash Tal Ashtu”, if it’s what i think you’re talking about.


I’ve heard E.A. was given the characters by a demon and they turned out to be Aramaic which he doesn’t know. He used it as an example of getting information one couldn’t know without the possibility of the demons being real. If I recall he spoke about it in the evocation seminar and on a truth frequency radio interview.

oh okay i didn’t see/hear that one.

i don’t know enough about aramaic to be able to comment. i didn’t even know there was a written component to the language.

is there a reference to the words and which Aramaic letters are used?

There is no direct translation into English.

which Aramaic letters are used in the inner circle ? eg. alaph lamadh shin etc

From what I can tell there isn’t a correlation between known forms of Aramaic and what is written on the pact. I have done a little research into Aramaic but have found any letters that match. It’s possible it’s a derivative that hasn’t been seen before. Or that it is so old we just haven’t found any reference to it. I’m sure if someone were to put the time in they could figure it out.

About half way down the page there is a photo of some Aramaic writing that looks very similar to what on the pact.

Thanks for the comparison, IMHO the example looks more like the DSS script,
TBOA script reminds me of Syriac
but as of yet I have not found a clear correspondence between the Aramaic script and the invocation, ‘alash tad alash tal ashtu’