Arachnid Gods

Hey there guys, i have a question, i did some energy work with Mother Arachnid Lilith. But today i got in contact with a male arachnid. He is thin, athletic, charismatic. Do you know any male arachnid demons?

Anansi is a famous African trickster god who is represented as a spider

Various Native American tribes also have spider gods (who are also trickster figures) such as Unktomi, and Iktomi.

Don’t assume the spider is a demon.


Yeah, all the other ones I’ve ever heard of are female. Makes sense really, spiders are a female dominated genus. The males are usually so small that they get mistaken for entirely different species. That then extends into spiritual manifestations, like Tsuchigumo and the like, which have similarly black-widow (and isn’t that just a hint for you) mating habits.


I have solved the riddle. I am using baneful magic these days against a female enemy and so i contacted Goddess Arachne is the Goddess who spinns the Web across all worlds and Dimensions.

Thanks guys


Today I came across Arachne, and I am really drawn to her(tonight I will contact her),but here is the curious thing… I just recently as you know got really focused on one perticular female target. :spider_web::spider: