Arachne Sigil

My Dear Dudes and Dudettes,

I am in need of the Sigil of Arachne (yes, THAT Arachne – the “spider” woman that, according to myth, surpassed Athena and got turned into a bug.)

If anyone either has access to that information or is able to successfully scry for it, please contact me. I will love you forever!



Most gods and goddesses don’t have a sigil.
Do some research on the entity and build an altar to her containing things that represent her or things you might find during your research that she enjoyed.

Like when I worked with Odin his altar had mead and my rune set on it.

The pray in whatever way you see fit for her.Again maybe devise a prayer based on her research.

Make it personal.Devotion will get you further with the old gods.

Good luck.

True dat. I don’t think there are any hymns, but you could always compose one.

Here’s the sigil


Which book is that sigil in?

i think it is in necronomicon gnosis


V. K. Jehanun has 1 i tnk the spyder mother, arachne arcane has a seal too. But it maybe far nort to the magick we knw, indians have a seal of mother spyder too. Even bael from goetia. I gess u should pick one close to u bdlieves even lilith has 1 now.

Why not create a sigil for Arachne?