Approaching the Anakim and other legions via Radionics

A month ago, I ran into bad luck, then I restarted my copy of Easy Rad.I had forgotten about it due to illness and general forgetfulness over 4 months.

Many sigils opened nice, I was able to get back on my feet and stop attacks of bad luck.

My newest experiment was trying call upon the Anakim last night by loading the box on Easy Rad.I left it on.I did place my laptop towards north and leave on a smoky incense.During the process I just felt like my family was visiting me to give me love and warmth.I stared at the smoke and the flashing box on the screen.

Later at night me and my husband got gentle nudges in our sleep (nothing too forceful or hurtful).I have two toddlers and a baby in my tummy and they all slept peacefully.But I guess it was a sign.Anyways today has been peaceful so far.Like a quiet before the storm.The trend for help me get rid of debt and get financial security before I give birth is still running.I hope the Anakim come through to me.I told them they are welcome to stay peacefully in my humble home as long as they wish.Its a nice presence.Somehow they are now with me to help me guard my home and office borders against further bad luck.

No lust for results here.I am just happy they responded.