Approaching partner about sex magick

Hey ya’ll
So my partner is a Lokian and she recently brought up that some Norse rituals involve sex. It got me thinking about it and I read that it builds up a ton of energy and I was thinking about how that kind of energy will be amazing for communicating with the Goetic spirits I’ve been working with but I have NO CLUE how to even bring it up to her. Do you guys have any advice?

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Just from psychology, if anyone brings anything about sex up they’re thinking about it. You just gotta find a way to tip the scales a little bit.


It sounds like she already brought up sex…im confused as to what the question is I guess.

She wants to do magick rituals involving you I thibk its only fair she helps you as well.


Just ask your partner about it, point blank. No point in beating around the bush about it (no pun intended, I swear). Yes, sex magic is sacred and powerful, but if one form of it is on the table of discussion already, bringing up another is not that far of a stretch. As horrible as it sounds, treat it like talking about a fetish or anything else in the bedroom to consider trying. Yes, it’s a bit ackward to look at it like that, but it will allow you to engage in their comfortably on the subject. You may be pleasantly surprised