Appreciation for Duchess Bune and King Paimon

This is a post of appreciation for Duchess Bune and King Paimon. The requests that I have made is not yet done however, I wanted to thank them both in ensuring that both of them heard my plea.

I have been requesting a full time job and a part time freelance job to both Duchess Bune and King Paimon. I first air my request to Duchess Bune and after the invocation, 2 companies had called me. After a day, I air my same request to King Paimon and to Duchess Bune again and after a couple of hours, I received an invitation for an interview for a freelance job. I know the requests is not yet completed however, I want to Thank them both for their assistance. Hail to Duchess Bune. Hail to King Paimon.


Please be aware that we have a dedicated thread for posts like this. It helps prevent the forum from being spammed by them.


Thanks for sharing!

I also suggest you use this.