Appealing for Assistance for spells, rituals etc. to get something sold ASAP!

Hi everyone, I am appealing for assistance to help with selling something. I have been trying to sell this item for about 1 year now it’s basically a motor vehicle. The coronavirus pandemic has not helped the sale. I have worked with goetic spirits, planetary spirits, visualization techniques, candle magic, Armenian spirits, Greek spirits, done herbal magic, used occult oils home made and store bought, angelic magic, sigil chaos magick and recently Catholic magick via the use of the intercessory saints in particular st expedite, st joseph. I have done some serious rituals requiring fasting, abstention from sex including masturbation, alcohol etc. for a number of days.

Currently I am at my wits end I need this sold or a deal I entered into will collapse and I will also lose a portion of the money I paid as a deposit.

I have done everything else outside of magick. I have decreased the price to the point where a friend cautioned me that I am giving it away but really I have asked just a little above what I need to close the deal. It was serviced in December for quite a bit of money, it was completely cleaned and polished last month and also last month I have it displayed on the lot of a dealer. Dealer cut 5%, polish and clean more money spent just to give it the best chance to sell.

One woman has shown the most interest, I reached out to her brother yesterday and he told me that he told her coincidentally just before I called that she should reach out to me and that he told her she cannot get a better deal anywhere. I called her and she said she was still interested but I have not heard back from her. I did do a goetic ritual awhile ago aimed at influencing her to buy it.

At this point I am under tremendous pressure to come up with the remaining balance. I would be grateful for any assistance. I would also like to publicly thank @zorrito for suggesting many spells. In fact it was after doing one of his spell that this woman came. In the wee hours of the morning I will do another he suggested.

This deal is taking so much from me I have literally put blood, sweat and tears into this and making sacrifices all around. I am now seriously behind on my deliverables at work due to putting almost all my energy towards spiritual work to get this sold. The emotional toll is great and sometimes it is a struggle to stay upbeat. One of the things that keeps me going is that almost every free reading I have gotten mentions that I will be successful in this deal even when I did not ask about it directly. Another thing that keeps me going is that I can see myself actually achieving my objective.

I am also committing to send someone a monetary thank you if a suggested spell works.

Thanks in advance for reading and your assistance.

If remember n pms i say clean yourself first, sometimes it take weeks, if u put allthe effort and nit results, clean your self, area, space and do The runes again. And pm tonght around 11 pm to send u a bath to sell stuff. Which u barh wvery 3 days. Just pm bcse i forget and im so busy.

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To gwt of bad luck. Get incense such frankise, orpine needles, patchouly, etc in a charcial if can the trick id to make smoke, walk around u house if can and say. To get rid of bad luck i open my doors. Oh satanas serpent antique run all my enemies, night dark and shinning moon. Bring me fortuna, walj around all over u place windows foors open. Wen walking whit u incense.

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