Aphrodite, Astarte, Ishtar, Venus and others

I have heard that Aphrodite came from Astarte, and that Astarte, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Astoroth, Etc. Are all the same Goddess just under different names. Or that they are different manifestations of the sam Goddess. What are your opinions and experiences? I’d really love to know. Thanks all.


There are quite a few threads about Astaroth, Ishtar, etc, on the site. Check out the search feature. There is some good info out there.

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The main similarity is their planetary energetic currents. They are all venus based deities. They are all distinct and different in personality and essence. They share commonalities with attributes but again I believe that is their planetary influence at play. Not that they are the same being.

Also if you trace the ancestry back far enough you come to the summerian cosmology. And Ninhursag and enki were the parent gods. At this point it is really conjecture and honestly the best way to find out is direct from the sources. So learn about them then either invoke or evoke them to find out first hand.


Aphrodite and Venus are the same person, but Astarte/Ishtar/Astoroth is the same person also.

Both are two separate individuals.

they just share similar things like many Gods and Goddesses that are overly general connections.


Isn’t another name for Ishtar, Innana? Or am I thinking of another goddess


Yeah that’s another name for her


Excellent point @Velenos!

My personal interpretation is that each are flowers blossomed from the seed of the others, but they are not the same flower. Each is unique, vibrant, and colorful in its own way. There are many different viewpoints on the subject though & everyone’s experience is different.


okay thank you so much. I have read that aphrodite came from Astarte so I find it intresting looking into all this. I have been trying out more on this particular subject.

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That’s a beautiful analogy and I agree with it. I think of them similar to fractals also.

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