Anyone working with Hecate

I am looking for information on how to ask Hecate to be my matron and I have some questions

  1. Can you say what ritual you used to initiate yourself?
  2. What offerings do you think she prefers the most?
  3. How did your life changed since you started working with her?
  4. How is she treating you?
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I felt called to work with her through various extraordinary and somewhat trivial events over a long period of time, that each pointed to her involvement in my life, so I sought out what you are seeking. Direct contact.

  1. I used a ritual called “Invocation of Hecate” I found from the Temple of Ascending Flame website.
  2. I offered various aspects of my life to her, which may be more than you’d like to do. I felt that to be a more genuine offering for us both to have some literal skin in the game.
  3. All that I have performed a ritual for in her name, when recited three times, has come to pass, without exception or modification of expectations, to date.
  4. She is attentive, teaches you to be exacting in your intent and expression. She has often inserted, “learning experiences” for my growth and betterment, into that which is being bestowed from my request, like a “bonus”. I have not been harmed or treated bad in any way but I would not say the learning experiences are “easy” little lessons. I do find them bearable enough though if I don’t resist the lesson.

Personally I like her as a spirit and a being, like I would a very close friend or family member. That is my disposition toward her and I trust her implicitly.

These are my limited experiences. Note: I am a male but I am also somewhat but not fully bisexual by nature, so I am a bit unique as a male in terms of energy polarity.

I hope this helps you or gives you something of value. How it goes with her, in my humble opinion, depends largely on your disposition towards her and your genuineness towards her with regards to what you really want.



Can you please collaborate on what do you mean by you offered aspects of your life?

I found this thread very interesting because I think this was somehow orchestrated so that everyone here could have some insights. I, for example, having been born male, now reviewing my life and finding some similarities (with the friend above) I now think I’m really bisexual. But well, it’s just some thoughts of mine, here are my answers:

  1. I didn’t do any fancy ritual (I think my mind don’t like those things), I did a Pathworking that says “when you do this Pathworking a bond will be forged”. The Pathworking is in the book of Hecate from the author Hecate Apuliensis. I didn’t do the Pathworking just once and then I stopped, through the days I would do her Pathworking along with a Circle/Banishing using her name and her spirits. I think my connection with her become more strong after I give to her an offering at the midnight in a crossroad.

  2. I normally offer to her some grape juice or wine in a crossroad. Most of the time she just “asks” me to spread my experience with her (and with magick in general). Sometimes I just offer to her me appreciating the environment and the horizon (like, getting out of the screen and just to observe the world around).

  3. She is like a second mother for me, she teaches me how to talk with entities, get the job done and to be patient. She’s the type of master that will help you know yourself, but she’ll also make you consider whether what you are doing is going too far or whether it is fair. She’s a great balancing with Lucifer (who, at least for me, is the kind of friend who will let you look for the answers for yourself).

Edit: Hope that may these answers from both mine and the partner above guide you on your journey! Blessings!

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