Anyone willing to give me a reading?

Anyone at all? I keep waking up in the middle of the night since last December. I know why. I just would appreciate a reading about it.

You are waiting something for a very long time. Soon you’ll receive important communication be it a phone call, message or meeting but it will be sudden and will put an end to your waiting. Unfortunatelly you’ll be emotionally disappointed and will experience sadness. Your desire is to reap fruits from your hard work but it wont happen till you don’t realise how you indermine your success by yourself. You put too much hope on your interest in the spiritual knowledge but you’re taking your relationship for granted and that’s the reason you’re unaible to find pleasure in it. You’re creating conflicts just for the sake of the conflict and loosing time and energy in petty disagreements. However, this difficult situation will end and you’ll gain wisdom from it.
Future depends on you and if you dont like this outcome you could change something immediately and take another course. Good luck!