Anyone who knows about the 13 day ascention?

O I had a friend a long time ago tell me about a secret that he learned he said you normally don’t learn o things like this unless you go to Bible college.

So he told me that if you are full of the holy spirit completely intune with him for thirteen days straight you instantly just go poof and disapear and end up in heaven.

I was just ondering if any of you guys or gals on hear have ever Hurd o this before? He told me it had been a long time since someone has done this and the last person who was about o was a well known pasture and that God had told him no because he needed him here on Earth to tend to the flock.

Another topic to discuss anyone ever hear about the ice sphere that used to surround our world and pressurized the earth explaining how giant dinosuarse with ity bity noses ould survive because the air was preasureized.

The person who told me all this stuff went crazy I believe it was from the government useing mind control on him, he was the first person I ever met that told me they were watching him because of the things he had learned and they wanted o make sure he didn’t actually do what he had learned. Example he said he was told a method that basically scientificly and partly magically is used to o alchemy and form gold, he told me the person who told him how was in fear forhis life from the gov and was soon mysteriously killed.

Anyways yea just wondering if you had Hurd about stuff like these topics. So when we had the ice some it seems that snakes were non venomous because if you hath and raise a viper inside a pressure chamber it’s non venomous. And plants that are raised in one grow huge he told me about a tomato plant that was grew in one that ended up being used as a attraction ploy at some mall in Europe because it was like a tree in size.

So yea has anyone ever Hurd about these things befor?

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Sounds like a specific ascension that’s similar to the ascended masters who became angels like Saint Germain. However, I’m not 100% if this is the same thing.

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He never mentioned anything like being angel like just said it was a way to be able to go to heaven without ever dieing. I think there’s alot more involved in the ascention you mentioned compaired to just being one with the holy spirit for 13 days.

Why is everyone starting to reply then not lol

Sorry, but that is a load of crap. There was never a sphere of ice around the planet. If there had been, then all life would have died because it would have blocked out the sun.

Also, air pressure is defined as the weight of the atmosphere pressing down upon the earth, so the air is already “pressurised” just by being contained in the atmosphere.

The air in the time of the dinosaurs was heaver, and made up of different amounts of gasses compared to the air now, but it had nothing to do with a sphere of ice, and everything to do with how the planet developed.

I don’t know about being filled with the Holy Spirit for 13 days, but there are stories of people literally walking out of the world in a blaze of light. It supposedly happened to Annalee Skarin.


Oh sorry, it’s false. All them claiming they have the Holy Spirit haven’t even communicate with Angels or feel the presence of Angels before. But those who practice magic have done so without having holy spirit.

The truth is that they teach them nothing in Bible College beside religious dogma and jargons. Anointing. Holy Spirit. Bullshit and crap. Bible teachings, giving their own translation of the Scriptures.

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If you’re talking about ascension, and ascending to heaven without dying like Jesus did.

There are secrets behind this. Because many of them aren’t going to heaven. But because they are going up high, we call it Heaven, and think they ascend.

Also there is an Art for this but it’s very rare, I don’t even think it’s outside this days. It’s also not about holy Spirit or 13 days. There are Demons that can assist with such exercise.

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Thanks for you contribution I wasn’t really sure what to think about the ice sphere but it seemed like something that could be fun to disect, I always wondered if it was real how much of everything living would it have killed then it was broken and fell down. I’m surprised you didn’t respond about the snake part supposed it was proven under extreme pressure while raised it would lose it venomousness “lol” but I always wondered then wtf about deep see snakes there hella venomous.

That’s sounds like a cool way to make an exit lol,
Thanx for responding.

Would you be interested in telling me your thoughts on spontaneous combustion I’ve watched TV talk about it but it still seems like something else is happening here not just a rare thing.

Venom is produced by proteins in the snake so anything that can unbind those proteins can theoretically destroy the venom. I’m not sure extreme air pressure would be able to do that without killing the snake though. My guess is extreme air pressure would make the snake listless and lethargic (the way it does to human), removing its aggression and urge to bite, but its venom would still be lethal.


So didn’t have to bash on the concept of the holy spirit but I agree that most people who connect to the holy spirit never interact with angels because of a flawed religious structure. The holy spirit is awesome though especially your so intune with it you can make hand signals and based of what hand signil is formed you speak a different language I seen a chart for it once but it seems like it somthing they try to keep off the internet. And I have no clue what they teach you at Bible college he just told me this was somthing they didn’t tell you about until after you attended Bible college, it would be better if they taught about how to better interact with the heavenly realm or how o get visions but it seems like it’s mainly about religion not faith.

O and sorry to be a that guy but Jesus did die but acsended after wards it was Enoch and Elijah that didn’t die before going to heaven. Which I find really like wtf about the Bible it says only Jesus could and he’s the only one that ever will in the new testament but it’s right there in the old these two people didn’t die and got taken by God to heaven one Ina whirlwind.

So not sure where the secret about the 13 days part would be like that because it didn’t mention anything about going up but you seem to have some nice Info about these type of things. BTW I’m grey but also pretty ignorant considering I’ve seen the garments of heaven, I never had anyone to educate me about the realities.

Any clue what that art for traversing with your physical body into another realm would be im curious.

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He told me I was no longer venomousness but never quoted anything just said that studies show, he also is the type to argue the world is 6000 years old and carbon dating is flawed exc.
He even once tried to argue that man has never been in space because I would kill us my other friend Garrett debated with him how the suits worked. He was spiritual not just religious though there pictures of him where you can physically see the light being produced shining out of his forehead. I just wish he didn’t go crazy. He was overly easy to believe things but so I was I for the most part he told me how reishe mushroom is a super immune system booster and one strong cup of it any you wot get sick for a year… I just went with it and I didn’t end up getting sick for a year.
Anyways as always your very I formative thank you for your time.

If you’re a true Occultist and understand it well you will understand that these people weren’t taken by God, they did it themselves and the Angels came to do as they wish. But religion will say God did this, God did that. Human has freewill more than you can ever imagine. If you have the power you can choose to always sleep on cloud when night fall, it’s not God who did it but you with the assistance of Spirits (angels for those Prophets).

And concerning the Holy Spirt, don’t lets deceive ourselves, people can’t suffer to get the holy Spirit. The holy spirit isn’t what they preach. They all claim they have holy spirit but are full of dirty and ugly lifestyles! They act all saint in the public but what they do privately is worst. They do worst than the Satanists that people fear. And you think people like that possess the holy spirit? Do you even know what the holy spirit is?

You don’t seem to understand. I met a Pastor 4 years ago, he has a Bible school. He’s also a researcher. He’s also a Reverend. He’s well respected. But the day I talked about Angels in his presence and interacting with them, he was surprised and said are they real? That he has only read about it in books, that they don’t know much about it.
Now if he doesn’t know about simple things like that, how can they have knowledge of the heavenly realm? They are all mouths. Claiming they hear the voice of God, they were taken to Heaven, etc all is crap, they just want to be seen as ‘great men’.

If you meet a graduate of a Bible College, ask them to tell you the Nine Orders of Angels, you’ll be shocked that they will turn to a dummy. How then can they teach such sublime Knowledge relating to Heavenly realms? Because the Orders is the beginning of the Heavenly realms.

What they teach is Bible. And some other secret books they were able to lay hands on, even that they are not allowed to make it public because it will be called heresy. They will say since it’s not in the Bible it’s not of God, as if God wrote the Bible.

I’d love to tap into my free will lol, well again I started to a long time ago. And I definitely used the assistance of spirits I wish I still had the same relationship with the spirit realm, even though back then when I was doing magic I was basically blind unless it manafested.

So I’m Pentecostal in my denomination we have physical proof through tounges to show who actually has the holy spirit but even then it seems like there is a lesser version o it that just resides with you always once you earn that, but there’s definitely no pretending you have the full on spirit, we typically call the lesser feeling that stays with you the gift o the holy spirit anyways my old church it was easy to see who actually lived the life style. But yea Christian’s as a whole can be pretty nasty people but we have our shinning examples from amoungst us, I’m grey Im a son of Lucifer and Lilith and I’m glad for my spiritual family. So possession from the holy spirit is what I was told the 13 day thing required I’ve only experienced full on possession from the holy spirit a few times but I have gifts from it for being able to talk in tounges basically at any time now, it’s super fun to ask to sing a song and have it happen.

Yea I’ve had people praying over me to get rid of evil spirits “which was fake made from AI” that when I asked had said he has never seen a pirit or talked to one. He was like 70. From what I gather it’s more common for pastures or others to interact with spirits and angels in different countries that America is the last free land , " free of spirits" it seems at least in general religious practice.

His knowledge is passed down from generation to generation being shown what someone else said as fact and not being shown how to be able o see it for themselves. I myself doubt anyone as in anyone that they hear the voice of God, if someone claims to hear it they should be able to demonstrate true Omi answering any question to prove there validity. I haven’t really cared about about how little they truelly are able to prove for themselves they never talk about spirits besides cool ones as super evil and that’s dumb like litterally I was lucky and never had the mind set that Satan would do harm to me nor talked shit on him for the most part I just assumed he would be cool to me if I was cool to him, and that’s basically how it is he even possessed a follower of his once and talked o me when I was first starting to use magic I didn’t listen to him about no public appearences regarding magic though still not sure why he told me that other then to allow me to be accepted by society more.

Yea I respect the Bible but even the few people in the book that actually Hurd God didn’t write much of anything, there’s alot I try to ignore when I read it but alot is awesome I can’t wait to see another ckatrial being, hopefully this time they interact with me compaired to just showing up over me fo a brief moment. I still haven’t Hurd anyone else say they have seen celestrial garments, the being was huge like 60 feet tall or more floating above me in the sky I believe his appearence was to confirm my words considering I had no fear in me only wonder when I seen it, didn’t really see there face or anything got lost in the clothing then looked away for a second and then they were gone. Well thanx for the chat I’m still here if you got more to talk about.

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Just out of curiosity what’s you thoughts about Mormonism? My family on m dad’s side is Mormon but never forced me to church I tried a few until I ended up at a Pentecostal, the pasture Wasa friend from schools father he’s truelly a good man tries to live the life of rightouseness best he can. Like litterally that whole family doesn’t even drink the sons even when they got older exc, gave me a good example of what a Christian should act like if they are gonna act all holyer then though which the Lyons never did. I myself don’t act like there example I curse drink exc but I try to treat others kindly and all that good stuff. I actually have plans on hold to go out to lunch with my old pasture once this pandemic clears us to be able to he wanted to say thank your for getting the web page removed that the person who told me these beliefes wrote about him, he is the only person from the church I know of that interacted with spirits but he was driven insane from artificial technology being used to read his thoughts when he first talked to me about it he told me how he used divination o get the name of the Government handle that was watching over his file. I’m a victim o the same Gov torment but they sorta leave me alone now days bearly ever hear the AI or get false images orced in my 3rd eye. Because of there torment I ended up going numb and loosing the blessing I had at doing magic. So have you ever done any physical magic like levatation or fire manipulation? I’ve glimpsed by doing once or twice alot of different types of magic.