Anyone used Ladder of Ascent from Archangels of Magick?

Hello fellow BALG members!

I was looking at this ritual for something more than half a year. Was reluctant to use it at first since I considered that I need at least some degree of clairvoyance and/or clairaudience and/or strong intuition to get feedback necessary to change my desire if needed.

However, I gave it a try now. Felt pretty interesting, and what is beatiful about this ritual - you don’t need formulate your desire in words. It’s a tricky part for me usually, knowing what I want but struggling to put it into words. And the “change” felt effortless, even when request stays the same meaning can change, since you understand your wish more and more with each step in a ladder.

And I guess it is pretty powerful, especially if your request is more “broad” than some partiсular thing. I’ve had experience of witnessing how powerful a single archangel is, and ten at a time working in harmony… Well. I guess that’s enough to cover an issue.

Anyway, what I wanted to ask is: what was your eperience with this ritual? For what sphere did you use it? Any results, if you feel comfortable sharing? Any other interesting info? Thank you a lot!


Pleasing experience, I actually asked for a small change in my life but after addressing each archangels I felt like I should have more ambition and aim for higher…

Now it’s hard to tell if results occurred after this particular ritual as I kept invoking and evoking archangels afterwards , working on different aspects of that problem.

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I used it a few times and had success.
I liked that even though I don’t have my senses developed I felt the rebbutal of the archangels sometimes.

They helped with healing an ancestor and with my education. Nothing too dramatic or “in your face” but it does work.

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