Anyone practice astral projection?

Good morning!

Does anyone here practice astral projection/travel? Id love to hear your experiences (places youve been, different types of beings you met (demons/extraterrestrials).

Ive been looking to AP myself but havent successfully yet, but am super excited about the possibilities

Me, sort of.

Although I’m not very consistent… In fact, I’ve been at somewhat of an… impasse.

It was actually a New Year’s resolution. Rather than give something up, I prefer to set a goal that involes some kind of learning/growth. That years challenge was to prove whether or not astral projection was the real deal, or just a big steaming pile of BS.

After about 3 months I discovered that it was indeed the real deal.
Projections were short lived journeys at first, but I soon ironed out those issues.
However, eventually they just more or less dried up. I did manage to have a couple more here and there. But for some reason, no matter how much I’ve tried… and it is pretty extensively btw, I just can’t seem to get back.

Unfortunately I can’t really share many weird and wonderful tales, as my experience is limited. What I can tell you is, for me, the experience itself is mind blowing. It is as real and vivid as waking life. I wasn’t really travelling anywhere though, I’d just sort of hang out in my bedroom, whilst my physical body lay asleep in my bed.
The last person i spoke to was ‘the person in charge’. I’d asked to speak to ‘the person in charge’. When I spun around she was there. I can still remember her face like yesterday. I’d never seen her before. If I saw her in a crowd I could pick her out…
Anyway, she was pretty annoyed with my questions, to be honest, I was acting like a bit of a tit at the time.

Hopefully somebody with better tales to tell will chime in.

I’m still working at it though.