Anyone performed the "Offering call to Ba'al & Tanit" ritual? Need information on the deities

Basically I found this book "MAGICK OF THE ANCIENT GODS " by Michael Ford, and this ritual involving the Great God Ba’al and Tanit, so I’m curious if anyone has performed this ritual:
I offer libations to thee
Sacred incense to thee
To the great Goddess Tanith
To our Lord and Powerful God-Spirit Baal-Hammon
I offer to thee, for I am …(name)…
That I may achieve the victory of which I speak …(insert
So it shall be!
I was curious about what offerings I should make and what incense to use? What sigils represent these two? Oh and overall just wondering what you guys did with this?

Please remove that link. It violates the rule regarding the posing of copyrighted material.

Sorry man

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No worries :slight_smile:

Thank you for removing the link.

No Problem, just the first time I’ve found this book online, and I immediately was curious if anyone has ever worked with these gods, like ones of Greece and Carthage, and wanted to know how they did it, because I know how to conjure Norse Gods, just don’t know how to work with new Gods, that I’m not familiar with (yes I know of the Greek Pantheon, just not the Carthage one).

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And this is all I know of Ba’al, so I’m a little unsure if he can help me achieve anything, or something specific that pertains to his domain of influence (like weather, fertility, etc.)

Anyone? Not even a symbol associated with Ba’al Hammon? I found a lot of symbols of Tanit, but can’t find anything on Ba’al.