Anyone Offering any Servitors?

There were various threads offering to create servitors for people, but they seem not to be active. Is there anyone I can PM for a servitor?

I know that I have been experimenting with servitors in other postings, but I need a servitor done by someone else.

If anyone can help, thanks.

Why by someone else?

What exactly do you need?

I have a lot on my plate, so to speak. Also, ironically I’m doing research in doing a small book on nympho servitor creation.

I don’t want that work to interfere with a servitor specifically meant for business even though it happens to look like an attractive woman. I’m trying to keep my business mindset separate from my personal mindset.

In other words, to not mix business with pleasure, I’d rather let someone else create a servitor for me.

I hope this explains things. Thanks to all.

@cyberseeker Still seeking? I can help.