Anyone not get their ex back

So I often see this forum filled with people wanting their ex back. I don’t judge as I used to be one of those people back in the day.

What I want to hear about is the opposite. Did anyone try to get their ex back, fail and find a better partner?

I will be the first to share my story. When myself and my ex split up I was desperate to get my ex back, I summoned Pomba Giras, Sallos, Dantalion, Lucifer and various others to get my ex back. I saw tarot readers, specialists in voodoo etc None of which worked. A year and a half later while I’m not in a relationship I do actively flirt and have had someone far nicer than my ex flirt with me and imply they want a relationship with me. Do I still think of my ex? Yes but it’s normally with disdain. Would I ever try to get my ex back? Yes but just to see if I could rather than to pursue a relationship with them I would say it would be More of a test of my power than an actual desire to have them back.

So tell me about where you cast a spell/ritual to get your ex back and it failed, but when you failed you found something better

I have used the all powerful magnifying glass but not found a topic like this. Maybe I didn’t use the correct search terms. But assuming that this is not a repeat topic please discuss


In high school I used to send pleas to get my ex back and we would date for another week and then he wouldn’t. In retrospect I only think I liked him because he was other weird kid in my small high school.

His life is fine, he has a wife he really cares about and a family. I also have a husband kids, a decent house and a nice living standard. It probably would have been a horrible life for both of us if we ended up together.

If things does not work in a favorable way for me i wont get into relationships for a long time cause im tired
I will be focusing more on strength and building my self as a fitness trainer years ago.

Well i dont think most people got their ex’s back in this forum and i agree once you fail in a relationship a new partner comes and replaces the old one. There always success in failure you just need to find it

Sometimes shit does not go our way its sad but the truth.

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I guess it goes to show what we want when we are younger changes as we get older. I suppose the same could be said for almost anything rather than just love magic.

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I like the idea of success in failure

Yes , more often after we fail in love magick , we pick up the pieces and move forward. However I still see it as a failure . I don t see the success . Kinda questions the whole thing , in my opinion . The same would have happened with or without magick

I think the whole concept of magick is the sorcerer using unseen forces internal and external to effect a change in the world be it Positive or negative based on his or her will.

More often than not I see “magicians” with no experience, Decide to draw a Sigil, say the enn to the most popular demon of the day and expect results.

It takes time to master your craft and quite simply put if you didn’t get results you haven’t mastered it.

I really look forward to reading more posts regarding people successes in this category.


So are you saying we should stick with it? If at first we don’t succeed…

Once upon a time, I thought about getting my ex back, then I realised that with the ammount of energy required for that, I could better feed my succubi and incubus, and I forgot about my ex until I found this thread


My bad lol :joy:

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It’s okay, she was a witch of my current, I will meet her someday because we both are going to the same afterlife. We departed because our lady Astaroth gave us the order, so having her in my mind is not painful at all, I have only good memories of her.