Anyone local to NYC?

Anyone in , or around the NYC area? Very new to the LHP and would love to make new friends locally



Ah my man lol. I’d love to talk.

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Awesome. I cant seem to send private messages on this site with my smart phone. Send me one? Lets chat

Just a quick FYI, it’s not your phone. The ability to PM is restricted for new members by the system until they reach a certain threshold of activity. If you are fairly active by making posts, etc, it will unlock in a week or less.

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Ty for the tip

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Awesome. Which part? Im near the queens border. I live by the LIRR- 40 minute trip to penn

Queens too, by Richmond

Nice! Im on the Nassau/queens border.
Send me a private message? My account I opened it two days ago. I can’t write the first message yet

sadly I don’t think I can either

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No problem. Leys chat here then?
My name is Tom. How are you? How is your day going?

🙋upper bronx area

I am Sen, Im doing really well actually currently waiting for some quiet time to cast a spell.

Awesome. How are you doing today?

Exciting. Which spell?

Im from Jamaica Queens