Anyone know?

Does anyone know what this means?During a ritual i saw an inverted triangle with three circles connecting each side of it and was purple including the circles.

Would it be possible for you to draw it, take a photo, and upload it?
There are a lot of sigil experts on this site. I’m currently looking through all the sigil discussions and might find you an answer. If anything I could try to reverse image look-up online and see if that helps.

This is the closest i could find except the triangle wasn’t completely attached the two circles on each end were complete as was the bottom making it look like it was just three circles with a line connecting each one.

Inverted triangle is the symbol of Shakti, the feminine energy of creation (overlaid with the upright pointing male triangle in the 6-pointed star in Hindu/tantric yantras, also of course now know in the middle east as the Star of David, but it predates Judaism).

This is factual and any site on yantras etc will back that up. :slight_smile:

Going into interp[retive mode, I’ve seen the three phases of thew Moon - full (i.e., white circle), waxing (white crescent on black circle) and waning (same crescent, flipped horizontally) in some Wiccan and also just witchcraft (Wicca is a religion) imagery.

You saw them in purple, which is variously the ancient Roman symbol of regal, noble, powerful stuff (modern-day symbol of gender-fuildity sometimes, “feminine” pink mixed with “masculine” blue - maybe more re’levant to us, but the Romans lasted longer than our cultural imagery has so far thrived).

Maybe there’s something in Lunar/Shakti imagery/spirits etc., for you to explore?

Funny you should mention lunar/shakti spirits.I’ve actually been working on opening my psychic senses up during night time since the moon is associated with psychic abilities.